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    CRT Review Thread!

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    SOLD: RGB Modded SNES mini

    **SOLD** Up for sale is an RGB Modded SNES mini. System is in good working condition. Sale includes... RGB Modded SNES Mini Power Supply Shielded Scart Cable Super Famicom Controller Controller Extension cable Rockman X2 Price for the whole lot is $130 + $10 shipping with insurance. If...
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    SOLD: RGB Modded NES

    ***SOLD*** I have decided to sell off my personal RGB modded NES. This NES was modded using the newer RGBNES kits. The system is wired for RGB only and does have a palette switch installed so you can choose between the three RGBNES palettes. Since this was my personal system 5v is not wired...
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    SOLD: StarTech PEXHDCAP Video Capture Card

    I originally bought this 2-3 months ago to capture video of my mod work however I have since decided to permanently close up shop. Since I wont be needing this anymore I figured I would toss it up on here. The capture card comes with all its original parts and its original box (everything but...
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    FS: Everdrive N8 and Super Everdrive

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    Neo-Geo MV1FZ CMVS

    Sold off Site
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    NEC XM2960 Issue

    So I guess the XM29 I snagged is not problem free after all. I get what is in the above picture. Its like a blooming from warm colors (mostly reds, oranges, and yellows) into the areas around them. The RGB levels are not too high (turning them down super low still displays the issue) nor is the...
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    FS - Everdrive 64 v2 + 8gb SD Card

    **SOLD** Decided to sell my Everdrive 64 v2. It already has the CIC-6102 installed inside of it and includes the plastic shell. I will be including an 8GB SD card that is already formatted and ready to go. The everdrive is in good working order (only a few months old) however the plastic shell...
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    RGB NES Thread

    I get lots of questions regarding the installation of Tim Worthington's new RGB NES kit everyday in my email box (go here if you have not heard of it) and decided to make this thread to kinda show it off and make a place on site to ask questions regarding it. I know there is the shmups thread...
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    Skips Interactive Presents: THE SKIPS Nt!

    Skips interactive is proud to release our new flagship product, THE SKIPS Nt! Why settle for this.... WHEN YOU COULD HAVE THIS! This baby is a new manufacture NES that has everything you could possibly need! It does S-Video, RGB, Composhit, Component, and even HDMI! But wait that is not...
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    WTB Neo-Geo Controller

    I have friends coming over in a few weeks and am looking to get a second Neo-Geo controller before then. It can be a Neo-Geo CD pad or the original Neo-Geo stick (Not the bean controller as I never have really cared for it). I would prefer to not pay eBay prices for this ($80 and up + shipping...
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    PVM Film removal

    So I finally got a working PVM-20l5 (yay me) however the dingbats scratched up the film that is stuck to the CRT. I got the film removed and all is good however some of the adhesive is still on the CRT. Windex and a very soft towel is not cutting it and I do not want to scratch up the glass...
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    Looking for 19 - 25 inch RGB monitor

    Well I have been looking for a decent RGB capable CRT to no avail for awhile now. I am getting to the point where id pay the outrageous shipping fees and whatnot if someone has or knows where to find working RGB monitors that can be guaranteed not to be worn out. Buying them off eBay seems to be...
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    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    I figured we could use something like this since it would be nice to see alternatives to the droves of shitty modders that tend to plague the internet with their presence. I figured I would put this here since its tech and modding related but if that's wrong an admin can move it. THE CLEAN MOD...
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    Metal Slug 1, 3, 4, and X MVS

    I have decided to sell my copies of Metal Slug 1, 3, 4, and X for the MVS. All the carts are official SNK carts (no bootlegs) and are in decent shape. All the labels are new and not original. The games all come with shock boxes and inserts from south town. I am only selling these as a set as I...
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    Consolized 2 Slot PCB

    I am transitioning all my game consoles to RGB (just got a BVM-20F1U) over from the component setup I have been using forever and decided to sell this 2 slot CMVS. The system has had a Universe BIOS installed, has been 5 volt modded, had the battery replaced, and had a JROK Video encoder...
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    WTB AV Famicom

    Just like the title says. I am looking to buy AV Famicom (just the console) for a fair price if anyone is looking to sell one.
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    Looking for MV1FZ

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    MVS Titles for Sale

    **EVERYTHING SOLD** Decided to sell some of the MVS titles I hardly ever play or never play at all and use the money for a Sony BVM and parts for new projects. Please add $5 for shipping. Paypal fees covered by me. Aero Fighters 2 (Shock box - New Label) - $40.00 **SOLD** Sonic Wings 3...
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    SDV4 SCART RGB To YPbPr Component Video Converter for Sale

    This is a modified SDV4 external RGB to Component (YPbPr) video encoder. With this you can connect any system that is RGB capable up via a scart cable and get excellent Component video. These converters normally do not have audio out so you either have to modify it or use one of those flimsy...