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  1. 420p

    WTT/WTB Baseball Stars 2 MVS

    Hey guys, I am looking for Baseball Stars 2 for MVS, loose and legit. Tradeitems are a Metal Slug 3, loose and legit, cut serials and a Windjammers, loose and legit. Pics can be provided by tuesday, since I am not at home for the weekend. Europe deals preferred, but US and A should also work :)...
  2. 420p

    Samurai Shodown V Bank Error

    Hey guys, I recently purchased this neat SSV (not special) and voilá, it throws out a bank error, crc check on all banks in Unibios is NG and the jukebox throws out garbled sound ... Any ideas? Thanks for dropping in. Edit: I also tried different boards and also stock bios.
  3. 420p

    420p's collection

    Hey guys, that's my stuff, more or less. P.S. Mr. Blurrycam
  4. 420p

    Nightmare In The Dark

    Hey guys, I am looking for Nightmare In The Dark for MVS, loose cart, legit, don't care, if japanese or western label. Preferably from Europe, but if the deal is okay, then rest of the world will also work for me. Helpabrotha.
  5. 420p

    Looking for Metal Slug 5 MVS

    Hey guys, I am looking to buy a decently priced Metal Slug 5 for the MVS. Preferably shipped from the EU. Every hint is appreciated. Thanks :) Gesendet von meinem Nexus 5 mit Tapatalk
  6. 420p


    Hi guys, some years ago I bought Garou for a nice price with a shockbox. I didn't play it a lot and I was new to the MVS then. The boards are legit, it came in black shell and with a holo (starburst) vinyl label (english) with no serials. Is this a repro label taken from a bootleg cartridge or...
  7. 420p

    PVM20M7MDE Picture Problem

    Hi I recently bought a PVM20M7MDE, all is fine, except the most upper part of the screen. Any ideas what the problem is and probably how and how expensive to fix it? I already went through the service Menu and only some osc setting made it better or worse, but not perfect. Thanks and greets.
  8. 420p

    MV4FS Audio Buzzing

    Hi, I recently bought a MV4FS with fucked audio, which has already been fixed on by some moron (by cutting capacitors off and soldering to the still standing legs, nice one) plus soldering in way too big caps (yeah, 15mm space between the two pcb s should be enough to solder in 15mm high caps)...
  9. 420p

    Weiß einer von Euch...

    was mit Supergoose79 ist? Der wollte mir zwei Spiele fürs MVS verkaufen und hat die zurückgelegt und ist seit dem 21. September nicht mehr online gewesen. Ich hoffe mal, dass er nur Urlaub oder Besseres zu tun hat und ihm nix Schlimmes widerfahren ist. Oi und besten Dank!
  10. 420p

    Windjammers MVS

    Moin, hat hier einer von Euch ein Windjammers fürs MVS übrig, was er loswerden will? Ich habe leider in letzter Zeit immer das Glück, dass die Dinger mir vor der Nase weggekauft werden. Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: meldet Euch. EDIT: Habe jetzt eins von Doctor Shroom bekommen :)
  11. 420p

    Neo Geo MV-2 Backup Ram Error

    Hi guys, I recently bought a beatdown MV-2 Motherboard off ebay with a Backup-RAM-Error 00D0010 written 5555 read 5540 and desoldered Battery. Xian Xi already gave me the advice in another thread, which I really appreciate, but I want to widen the audience, maybe someone of you encountered...