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  1. coreykun667

    Shows That Transitioned Terribly After the Original Creator Left

    Very few shows have smooth transitions when the original creator or writer leaves, whether it's live-action or animated. For starters, I'm going to go with Dexter's Laboratory after Genndy Tartakovsky left. The first two seasons and the Ego Trip movie were great and had lively animation. After...
  2. coreykun667

    Need Alternative for Marquee Locks

    I ordered replacement locks for my 4 Slot V3 cab, and the coin door locks worked all fine and nice, but I ran into trouble with the marquee locks. Now, on the other models it's just a standard cam, but on the V3 it has the kind where it's a hook that goes around a screw. When I got the new...
  3. coreykun667

    Rise of the Neo Geo Demo Scene

    Now that the NeoSD carts are around, I'm willing to bet that we'll see a significant rise in the amount of Neo Geo demos and homebrew. I haven't noticed much of a demo/homebrew scene in the past on mostly the Neo Geo CD, but now I'm beginning to see more of it on actual cart-based NG hardware...
  4. coreykun667

    Needing Recommendation on Parts

    So the previous owners of the Big Red cab I own soldered the connections of some of the sticks and buttons. Is it okay to just nip off the wire, strip it, and put on a new disconnect? Also which gauge of disconnects should I use? Also looking for a good way to mark wires to know which one goes...
  5. coreykun667

    Dreamcast KOF VGA Compatibilty

    I know 2000-2002 on the Dreamcast are VGA compatible, but King of Fighters 99 Dream Match and 99 Evolution seem to still be up in the air. Anyone know if someone's found a way to get around it, or do I just have to deal with it?
  6. coreykun667

    Feedback for TerryMathews

    Got KOF95 and Samsho2 on Thursday. Came packed nicely for a great price. Thank you! :D
  7. coreykun667

    Coreykun667's 4 Slot Restoration

    It's been quite some time since I picked up my cabinet back in January 2014. It's been in storage for about a year now since I was kinda floating from place to place, but tomorrow this baby's coming out of storage. Gonna haul it up to Sonora to get it taken care of by a guy I've known for a...
  8. coreykun667

    Feedback for RAZ_HOE!

    Bought MVS carts of Metal Slug X and Metal Slug 3 from him. Everything came packed nicely! Definitely someone I'd buy from again! :glee:
  9. coreykun667

    Turbografx-16 Blue/White Screen

    So on Saturday I got a boxed TG-16 system with a few games. The system is in pristine condition (The plastic over the logos hasn't even been taken off either!) but I went to plug it in and play, and after MANY tries, all I get is either a white or a teal blue screen... I imagine that the card...
  10. coreykun667

    Where to Print Game Covers

    Okay... Here's the story. When I was younger, I needed to get rid of clutter, so I tried getting rid of my old game cases and put the games into one big case. :oh_no: I'm kicking myself in the ass nowadays... Now I feel like putting them on shelves. I found the cases in the garage today minus...
  11. coreykun667

    So How Do You Guys Like Your Steaks?

    Personally I Like T-Bone steaks medium rare. What about you guys? Also what seasoning and marinade do you guys like?
  12. coreykun667

    NES Cart Slot Question

    You see, I've been looking at top-loader NES consoles and I've found that they're all quite expensive. I kinda want one so I don't have to deal with the regular NES. However, my friend might sell me his regular NES for cheap. I've heard that the cartridge pins can get bent from being used too...
  13. coreykun667

    What's a Generation NEX Worth?

    These things are kinda shitty, but yet I've seen them fetch insane prices on eBay. :scratch: Had I known about the compatibility issues and its terrible death grip on carts back when I first bought it long ago, I would've said fuck that and got a top-loader NES. But what the hell is one of these...
  14. coreykun667

    How do you guys have your systems displayed on shelves?

    I've been needing some ideas on how I should have all my systems hooked up and displayed. I was thinking of having a flatscreen mounted on the wall above the PVM. The flatscreen would be hooked up to the modern consoles and the retro ones up to the PVM. Any ideas or input from your displays?
  15. coreykun667

    How Would One Own or Help an Independent Game Store?

    Lately I've thought about owning a game store one day. You know, one that would be a decently priced alternative to buying online. -OR- On the other hand, There's a used game store in town where I live, but the location is awful and the store looks like it could use heavy renovation. The guy...
  16. coreykun667

    Neo Geo Restoration Tips and Parts

    Since there are many who do cabinet restorations, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to list suggested parts for said restorations. We all know no one wants to buy a part for their cab only to find out it's the wrong one. Some people even want to know which paint is recommended for their...
  17. coreykun667

    Not Feeling Quite The Warm Reception...

    I know I'm still somewhat new, but I was in the middle of a trade, and I wake up this morning to find out that my account has been blocked from the marketplace AND PM. Hell, I didn't even get a warning. Straight up banned. I wanna contribute to the forums, but I don't seem to get quite the warm...
  18. coreykun667

    Baseball Stars Professional + Mini Marquee for Trade or Sale

    Here I have a Baseball Stars Professional MVS cart with mini marquee. Looking to trade for maybe League Bowling, Puzzle Bobble, or other Neo stuff. If you wanna just buy it, I'll take offers. BBSP just isn't my cup of tea.
  19. coreykun667

    Newbie Here From Cali!

    Hello, I'm from Modesto, California. I made this account a while back but never got around to using it. The 667 is no reference to THAT. Hopefully I can learn the ropes around here. I'm really interested in purchasing a Neo Geo, so I hope to own a Neo cab soon! I'm somewhat of a collector of...
  20. coreykun667

    Wanting an MVS For The First Time...

    So I've been looking at an MVS machine for years. What should I expect? I've been drooling over candy cabs, but I seem to be looking in the wrong places. I'm not really a big fan of wooden cabs. If I can't find a decent candy cab, I guess I'd go for a wood cab, but I'm hoping to find one close...