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  1. NGLad

    The "Ultimate Neo Geo on MiSTer" guide

    Awesome video sir. Liked and subbed!
  2. NGLad

    Interview with a ex-developer of ADK and 'World Heroes'

    Wow, that was an incredible read! Thank you! The man has truly done it all. Still love those World Heroes additions he added too. Top notch!
  3. NGLad

    Neo-Geo cutscenes up 4K

    Agreed. Without the pixels, it feels heartless.
  4. NGLad

    I IPS’ed my NGPC and it looks great!

    You're right about it being difficult to fix after installation. I'm embarrassed to admit, but I went through the first screen by opening it up after install. I wanted to see if I could get the wires to fit better and I must have pushed too hard when I closed it up and got some dead pixels...
  5. NGLad

    I IPS’ed my NGPC and it looks great!

    I love the IPS screen! I just recently installed it on my slim model, but the screen is further to the right. (It doesn't bug me too much) Even though the actual screen is centered perfectly (I triple checked). I think I need to solder the wires to control the screen position. But with the slim...
  6. NGLad

    What Neo title has the best attract mode?

    Surprised no one here has mentioned the opening to "World Heroes 2". Seeing Hanzo facing off against everyone was pretty intense. I'm also partial to the intro to the first "Fatal Fury". The cliff side scrolling, the cab ride in. Pretty iconic!
  7. NGLad

    Neo Geo games you never bothered playing...

    "Legend of Success Joe" Sir.. let me say you have the finest taste in NG games.. please allow me to shake your hand.
  8. NGLad

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    beigemore...I tried..I underestimated the enemy.
  9. NGLad

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Wow, that game looks amazing! I wanted to invest in the DC keyboard, but thought aside from Typing of The Dead and some games of Q3/UT it wouldn't get much use, but this game looks fun! Kind bummed to read its bugged at certain areas. Maybe the dev's will release an updated version?
  10. NGLad

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Apologies! New here (As you can probably see) haha! Pleasure meeting you, Atro! Been around 2 years collecting now. On top of my NGPC's I also picked up a NGCD, CDZ, and have slowly been chipping away at all the games I've wanted to own. (I'm at around 20 games now) Really just wanted to...
  11. NGLad

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Picked up a mint Pearl blue Neo Geo pocket slim, as well as two broken models. The black one I modified the case to fit the slim backlit screen and the other I kept around for parts just in case I messed up on the install. Luckily I didn't. Although the fit was really tight; and there's slight...