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  1. N30_G30_speed

    Metal Slug 1 & 2 Developer Interviews

    nice one thanks for sharing it :buttrock:
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    The first time you heard/found out a system called Neo Geo existed

    I can't believe I was the only one who reacted like this
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    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    Hannibal: awesome sociopath situations, lots of suspense, drama and creepy murders Vikings: great battles, interesting characters, less drama and backstabbing than game of thrones Better Call Saul: Louie: he does awesome stand up bits inside the episodes and they are extremely funny
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    What was your favorite movie as a kid that wasn't a kid's movie?

    6 years old -> mother effin' JAWS
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    New Neogeo Wireless Joystick Controller

    very nice project dude, keep it up top notch work you got right there.
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    SNK corporate video

    pure awesomeness, this just made my week kudos to the one who found it.
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    Poll: Have you bought any Neo stuff from Japan in the last 3 years?

    wait... was argentina also affected? I need to get rid of my carts asap however, on the other hand... SUPERPOWERS!
  8. N30_G30_speed

    Possible to fit an Aero inside an Astro?

    I have an aero that has a lot of cleaning, repainting and rust removing work to be done. Last week I heard someone was selling empty astro city cabs for $60 and I was wondering how difficult it might be to have everything moved to the new cab. Has anyone ever done this?:help:
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    mod please delete

    sorry this was meant for "tech support"
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    Swearing in the intro of KOF 98?

    :lolz: that's just amazing easter egg trolling right there
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    anduve hace unos meses por santiago reventando las tarjetas, pense que iba a encontrar algun lugar copado con cosas retro pero no tuve suerte :confused:
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    Steam Autumn Sale Nov 27- Dec 3

    I sent you a request seth (hieix666) , I just got the game gifted from a friend, it surely looks like the old Gauntlet from NES, it has potential. I'm thinking about getting 10 or 15 games this time around, it surely is a good moment to grab as many as you can. * Wanderlust: Rebirth (cheap...
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    hey maury yo quiero practicar japones, entre los dos podemos practicar cada uno lo que quiere jeje
  14. N30_G30_speed

    What arcade stick do you own?

    I just crossed over to Chile and got myself this along with a ps3, I'm enjoying KOFXIII in a whole new level
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    What Fighting Games are you playing ATM?

    KOF 97 and KOF XIII
  16. N30_G30_speed

    Steam Summer Sale is Live

  17. N30_G30_speed

    Not so secret places to find reasonably priced AES homecarts.

    I saw some really sick deals in little not-so-known shops in Japan... but online-shopping-wise I'd say stick to the forum. ALWAYS.
  18. N30_G30_speed

    Pacific Rim

    I'm getting my IMAX fancy tickets two weeks from now, no matter what
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    texas teen faces 8 years in prison for making 'terrorist threat' on league of legends.

    which is sad, LOL was supposed to be the answer to DOTA for people tired of dealing with douches and shitty people. I stopped playing altogether because the community reached a point where words like "aids" and "peruvian" were used as insults all the fucking time also only 2 out of 10 matches...