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  1. ReplicaX

    [FS] 25 MVS carts

    Clearing out some MVS Titles. - US only. - All carts original unless otherwise noted. - Prices do not include shipping - Shipping will be USPS PM in medium rate boxes. (smalls don't cut it) - PP F&F or PP +4% for fees - Any questions on prices or carts, feel free to PM me. - Starting on NG first...
  2. ReplicaX

    East Coast Amusements (Foxboro,MA)

    I have been going to Quan for over 10 years for chassis repairs I just can't fix or don't have time to. The operator I use to work for also sent any chassis out of warranty or beyond field repair to them. WG, Nanao, Hanatrex, Sanyo, etc. Give him a call.
  3. ReplicaX

    The Messy Cab Work Thread

    Like Skips messy mod thread. This is specific to Arcade cabinets. As plenty of us have dealt with or seen unnecessary hack jobs and/or folks with little common sense or care. Examples of such poor work: - unnecessary/poor wiring (when you can make adapters) - useless mods - console hack jobs...
  4. ReplicaX

    Ubusana: New PS4 Shmup made by Hiroshi Iuchi and M2
  5. ReplicaX

    Nanao MS8-26SU Intermittent Picture Fix

    Repair log and tossing this info here for others as this could be a very frustrating fix for many. This monitor was used in many US Sega cabs in the mid 90s. Virtua Striker and Fighter the most common I have come across. Even though someone tossed this in a Mortal Kombat cab. If you ever have...
  6. ReplicaX

    Sold: Ibara Kit

    CONUS only / lower 48 states Paypal (+4%) Established Members Only Trade Offer was accepted: Clean ESPgaluda pcb + $125 - Going to an Established Member and stays within the forum and the US. I have had this kit for many years and it is well taken care of. Purchased from an established forum...
  7. ReplicaX


    Discuss... Really the only thing I'm looking forward to at launch. IG2_choRkkg
  8. ReplicaX

    PS Vita added to PS Plus

    Vita is now part of PS+ and the 1st week freebies are pretty sweet if you don't own them already.
  9. ReplicaX

    King of Fighters XIII free for PS Plus Members tomorrow.

    As the title says plus 30% off addons. LINK
  10. ReplicaX

    ReplicaX's Collection

    Just the Arcade stuff for now. I will update soon with my other rigs. Items shown are not for sale.
  11. ReplicaX

    White Castle

    I just wanna thank White Castle for donating the 2nd Place prize in the giveaway. I received an Ironclad MVS with shockbox, insert and mini marquee 2 days after the winners were announced. Top notch guy.
  12. ReplicaX

    Collection is finished

    My 3 cabs are basically all finished now. I am satisfied and wanted to share with you all, as some of it wouldn't be possible without this community. Mortal Kombat II Acquired: 2007 Info: This is the exact cabinet I played on as a teenager and arcade I worked for in the 90s. Taito Egret II...
  13. ReplicaX

    Dodonpachi dai fukkatsu this summer for IPhone Announced Direct Youtube Trailer
  14. ReplicaX

    Discontinuation of Xbox LIVE for Original Xbox Games

    Dear Xbox LIVE Members, On April 15 we will discontinue the Xbox LIVE service for original Xbox consoles and games, including Xbox v1 games playable on Xbox 360 and Xbox Originals. I want to start by saying this isn’t a decision we made lightly, but after careful consideration, it is clear this...
  15. ReplicaX

    Advice from the CPSII Gurus

    I bought this SFA3 Phoenixed a year ago from the forums. I worked perfectly until 3 days ago and all I get is a blue or red screen on powerup. I've tried 3 different A boards and get the same results. When I opened the board there is a jumper wire on the solder side from the Pal Chip to CN5. The...
  16. ReplicaX

    Japan: History of the Shooting Game Documentary.

    A good history of Shmups here by a French gaming company. Starts off from 1978 upto about the time when Ibara was in development. English Subbed. Also shows a tour of Cave and interviews. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  17. ReplicaX

    WTB: Garou: MotW

    In need of a Garou: MotW. Loose cart /w label intact. No kits. NTM - All set, thanks TomCat
  18. ReplicaX

    Need opinions, Custom Egret II Marquee

    So I got a Marquee Holder for the Egret II. Don't really think I want a game in it. So I spent about 15mins messing around in Photoshop to make this. It's all themed off the artwork of the cab and I need opinions.
  19. ReplicaX

    WTB: GigaWing CPSII

    Looking for a GigaWing prefer a Blue US but if there is a Grn out there that's fine, label in tact. US good standing seller only please.
  20. ReplicaX

    Need a DJ for a wedding? Craigslist sadness. "My setup is state of the art and use "ACTIVISION DJ HERO and XBOX360"