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  1. aha2940

    FS: Final Fight, Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat 3 boards *not working*

    Hey guys I got these some time ago, had forgotten about them, but I figure I have to let them go now. Wanna haggle? go ahead, I'm open to offerings. As usual, if the prices are too high, please let me know. I try to base these from eBay, and taking out something because they do not work 100%...
  2. aha2940

    Fast Eddie Clarke dead at 67 :(

    Now classic Motörhead is complete in the afterlife. Another very sad day.
  3. aha2940

    FS: MVS carts and kits *More added Jun/09/17*

    Edit: Hey guys Got some money expenditures lately, some carts gotta go. Likely these won't be the only ones, so stay tuned. The rules: - Prices based off mjmjr25's list, but I am open to sensible offers - Prices do not include shipping - If you need more info/pics about something, just ask -...
  4. aha2940

    FS: MVS Samurai Shodown 1 to V

    Edit: Lowered SSIII price, it was way too high. Hi! I am selling all my Samurai Shodown MVS carts. Pics are below. Notice the following: - SSII has a repair. Likely made by SNK themselves, as soldering looks nice, but it is what it is. - SSIII is the fixed version by SMKDAN. - SSV is the...
  5. aha2940

    FS: MVS Metal Slug, RotD, Last Blade, SSIV, kof97

    Edit: I tested all the carts and it turns out 2 of the boots are dead. Only the blue kof2001 works. Still, if you want one of them, just let me know. Of course, all the original carts work perfectly. Hi For sale are the carts in the pic below. Only the top 6 carts are originals, the kof 2000...
  6. aha2940

    WTB/WTT: Metal Slug 6 AW

    So, you have this cart? got bored with it? you have no idea how you could have wasted your money in this game that's worst that MS4? (LOL) I'm your guy! I prefer a boot (working perfect, of course), because of $$ but will consider a nice original one. I also have some MVS commons to trade, will...
  7. aha2940

    Freezing Atomiswave

    Hi I have an issue playing Dirty Pigsking Football on my Atomiswave. It will freeze after some seconds (couple minutes at most). Here's a video of it: I already tried setting the voltage up to 5.15V, and while it lasts a bit longer, it still freezes. I am afraid of setting the voltage even...
  8. aha2940

    Bootleg C&D board not syncing to PVM

    Hi guys I have a bootleg Cadillacs & Dinosaurs board that when played through my supergun on my PVM, will not sync. It shows the image rolling and skewed to the right and the PVM says "NO SYNC". Colors seem OK, though. I know the supergun and PVM work fine (tested with CPS1, CPS2, atomiswave...
  9. aha2940

    Consolized MV2F, display issues

    Hi I consolized my MV2F board using a Neobitz encoder. It works, however when connected using component, it shows diagonal lines, that lean to the left and seem to move. I am thinking it's some kind of interference, but no idea how to solve it. I have tested on an LCD Samsung display and on a...
  10. aha2940

    RGB voltage levels

    Hey guys So, I got a little 13" PVM recently and I connected my supergun to it. It works fine, it looks beautiful. However, for whatever reason, I read that typical RGB voltage output from a JAMMA board is about 3-5V on the RGB lines. But reading my PVM instruction manual, it says that the PVM...
  11. aha2940

    SOLD MVS: Strikers 1945

    Edit: Lowered price to S1945+ Hi Got these duplicates, will share them with the community. I based my prices on JNX list, please let me know if anything seems off. All carts are original, all are in acceptable shape, none is mint, all of them work perfectly. Prices do not include shipping...
  12. aha2940

    Guidance with PVM needed

    Hi I just bought a little 13"PVM monitor, model pvm-1351q. I'll go pick it up on weekend, but I would like to know if there's anything special that I should take into account to know it has no issues. Any way to know the tube is perfect, without any colored spots or anything other than the...
  13. aha2940

    Help consolizing an MV2F

    Hi I am consolizing this MV2F board, but am having an issue with it. I followed Xian Xi's guide: and it works for the most part, however: - I am using a neobitz encoder for the video part, the one that has composite, s-video and component...
  14. aha2940

    SOLD: Golden Axe 3 for Sega Mega Drive.

    As the title says. $50 plus shipping. Can take detail pics if you want to see something specific. SOLD!! Pic:
  15. aha2940

    SOLD: English Last Blade MVS

    Hi As the title says, I have a Last Blade English cart for sale. Cart-only, gamer condition, label with serials. P rom had to be replaced, I did it myself using MAME romset, can ship original ROM chip if you want to. $65 shipped to the US. SOLD!!! Pic:
  16. aha2940

    SOLD: Windy sleeves for MVS carts

    Hey guys I am selling 50 windy sleeves, in perfect shape all of them, none has any labels attached. I got them for my MVS carts but it turns out I prefer them carts bare. I am letting them go for $1 each, plus shipping. Obviously, getting more will save you on shipping. Shipping of all these to...
  17. aha2940

    SCART to HDMI/Component converters?

    I got intrigued about these SCART to HDMI and SCART to Component converters DZ mentioned here:!&p=4007776&viewfull=1#post4007776 I am currently using a Samsung LED TV to play via composite (looks, like shit, but at least I can...
  18. aha2940

    Blood in Metal Slug 6

    Did anybody knew about this?
  19. aha2940

    OG xbox plz halp!

    Hi I got an OG xbox with a broken hard drive. Doing some research, I know a couple things about it: 1. It's a version 1.3 xbox 2. The hard drive is broken beyond any repair 3. DVD seems to work 4. It's unmodded (maybe soft-modded). 5. No, I do not have a backup of EEPROM.BIN So, any idea what...
  20. aha2940

    Atomiswave sound issue

    Hi I got two AW boards and a boot MS6 cart. Both boards play fine, but the sound is weird, like the music sounds strong, but some sound fx sound at a very low volume. This happens with both boards, so I don't think there's an issue with them. Also, I play using a supergun, but this SG is also...