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  1. BlackSpy

    Andro Dunos art set

    Hello, I've recently discovered that I'm missing one of the art sheets (the spaceship one) for my Andro Dunos kit. Anyone got a complete or partial set to sell, maybe from a conversion?
  2. BlackSpy

    Sinden Light Gun

    So it's about a year since anyone really posted about them. Anyone got one, got an opinion on them? I quite fancy getting one, I love lightgun games, but I'm kind of wary that these things never work as well as advertised...
  3. BlackSpy

    Using USB controllers on MVS

    One of my very long serving Neo Geo controllers is giving up the ghost. Mostly works, but sometimes it doesn't. I'm thinking it would be good to get a USB stick so it's easier to use with other systems, but struggling to find adaptors to MVS sockets (my consolised MVS board has Saturn ports...
  4. BlackSpy

    SVC Chaos full kit

    Hi, I'm looking for a full kit of SVC Chaos. Preferably a UK or European seller. Happy to talk about condition but it does all need to be present. Thanks!
  5. BlackSpy

    Weekly Booze Thread - Special New Year Edition

    So it includes Hogmany. I was on spirits mostly, but for completeness Shofferhoffer Eiswitter, Noel Delirium Noel Kwak Red Wine White Wine Kir Royale Champagne Talisker 12 year old Gin and Tonic Moscow Mule Negroni White Russian Ardbeg 15 year old cask strength Scapa 10 year old
  6. BlackSpy

    Killed me DC maybe...

    I recently made the inveitably voltage mistake on my Japanese DC by plugging it in with my UK lead. I got a new power board, but ever since the GD ROM seems to be dead. It boots to the screen you get when you boot without a disk in the drive, so the whole thing wasn't killed by it or anything...
  7. BlackSpy

    Sigs are getting better

    Peeps sigs are getting better. Smaller and more relevant.
  8. BlackSpy

    Cable making request

    I need a D-Sub output to six phono cable, anyone fancy some money for a pretty easy job? Paypal (credit card but authenticated address) or money transfer = whatever, you'll get paid. I need a D-Sub to RGB plus synch and two phono. PM me if you're interested with a proposed cost.
  9. BlackSpy

    Border Down

    So I was playing Border Down this evening, and much as it's fun, I think the only reason I really enjoy is that it's the only recent horizontal shooter I own. Bottom line is, I really, really suck at it. I can't get half way through the second level without losing a life and as soon as I start...
  10. BlackSpy


    Hey Falk, clean out your PMs! Anyway, I was wondering if you'd make me an odd video cable that I need. You still doing that kind of thing? Cheers, John
  11. BlackSpy

    Shikigami no Shiro II

    Shikigami no Shiro II on the DC, I don't get it. It feels really uninvolving and the various characters abilities seem pretty pointless past level one. What am I missing?
  12. BlackSpy

    I used to be this guys boss

    So, a few years ago this guy worked for me. Only for a couple of months. Anyway, as part of the boss class I wasn't aware of this at the time, but his peers maintained a journal of his life for the year of 2003. It's now published as a blog with monthly updates, start at the bottom. It's...
  13. BlackSpy

    Damdest Thing

    While out Christmas shopping the other week I walked past a group of clearly very disabled kids being taken round the shops and generally having a grand day out. One of them was wearing an absolutely mint shiny new 'Fatal Fury' cap. I was ready to ask where he got it but thought it would look...
  14. BlackSpy

    Jackie Chan SF2 Cosplay nonsense

    Looks pretty old, but I've never seen it before.
  15. BlackSpy

    Bare Neo Drift Out cart for sale

    £30/ $53 plus whatever species of postage you fancy. Feel free to offer though. The label could be in better shape but it's not fine for a bare cart. If you want to know what a bare MVS cart looks like I'll send you pics of this very one.
  16. BlackSpy

    What are Treasure working on these days?

    Anything to be excited about?
  17. BlackSpy

    US PSP with Wipeout and Lumines- in the UK

    Brand new, never even powered up US PSP for sale with Wipeout and Lumines. A friend of mine bought this as a present for her boyfriend who, despite saying he wanted one now reckons he doesn’t. Absolutely perfect condition and totally unused. I’m looking for £250.
  18. BlackSpy

    Star Wars DVDs

    When am I going to be able to get all six in one package do you think? Hopefully the original versions of episodes IV, V and VI My guess is Christmas 2006 and I'm not sure I want to wait that long.
  19. BlackSpy

    Magical Drop 3 MVS Kit

    I've managed to get a pair of these, so one really needs to go. Happy to email pictures, please PM if interested. I'd rather not do PayPal, personal cheque or something would be better, but whatever. It's in good condition.
  20. BlackSpy

    Neo Print, in the Wild!

    Last night I saw a Neo Print cab in an arcade. Wandering around in the centre of Norwich, trying to choose a restaurant to bless with my presence, I popped into an arcade. Mostly light gun and racing games, one DDR machine and, in the middle of the floor, a Neo Print cab. Then my boss phoned so...