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  1. aha2940

    Turf Masters with busted audio

    In my case it was just luck. I planed on replacing one by one the V roms, and it turned the first one I replaced was the issue.
  2. aha2940

    Turf Masters with busted audio

    I had this issue with this game too. One of the V roms was bad. I downloaded it, burned it and replaced it with an EEPROM. Worked flawlessly after that.
  3. aha2940

    Website blocked by Antivirus

    They probably write their viruses using some framework that requires libraries not present on 98 or XP.
  4. aha2940

    Why Super Metroid is bad game design

    You can get out there if you already got the charged jump (run until charged, press down and jump).
  5. aha2940

    Your favorite level(s) in any games and why

    While I don't think I have "favorite levels" on games I play, some I like a lot are DooM II's first level, just because the music is amazing (same music on level 15, industrial zone, but I do not like that level particularly). Same with Streets of Rage level 5 (the boat), I like the music a...
  6. aha2940

    EPROM inserted wrong way | Mega CD 2 bios

    I don't think anything else will damage by putting the EPROM upside down. It is death to the EPROM because the opposite corner pins are usually +5 and GND, so if you put it the other way, it will get -5v (+5 to GND and GND to +5V) which will break it.
  7. aha2940

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    I've played it a bit, but mostly on the C-Mode which I seem to find the most entertaining. The almost complete lack of vehicles is disappointing for me, but at the same time separates the game from Metal Slug I guess. Also, the bosses are kind of generic and lack personality, opposite to the...
  8. aha2940

    Pulling The Trigger, but Nothing to Shoot

    Or maybe she thinks it's getting again the PITA she thought long gone when you sold the pinball and billiards tables.
  9. aha2940

    What do you do with bootlegs?

    Just use them, or give them away, however if they use original boards, making a conversion of another game could be an option, but you would be changing a boot for another boot, I do not see the difference there.
  10. aha2940

    What Beat 'em Ups are you playing? Daily/Weekly check

    I still play Streets of Rage Remake and Fighting Rage, using one of the new Saturn USB pads from retro-bit. Both games are good IMO and the pad behaves nicely.
  11. aha2940

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    I have not seen this info anywhere, so I just tested and KB MVS seems to work fine on an AES using the daedalus converter. Did not work at first but after a couple resets, it started and played fine.
  12. aha2940

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    Hey, no need to apologize, your video was very well made and offered a useful review of the game, I enjoyed it.
  13. aha2940

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    Sure, it sounds obvious my comment, however for me there's a difference between watching the videos and actually playing the game. Also, I thought it would remind less the MS series when played in C-Mode since after all, it's supposed to play like Contra, however it does not, it's still very MS...
  14. aha2940

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    Thanks wyo, it seems they forgot to pack the CD. Anyway, the game is very nice, already updated to version 1.01 without any issue.
  15. aha2940

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    So, after like a month and a half of waiting, I finally got today my LE copy of KB. The game plays nice and is fun but it defeinitely reminds of MS. One question though: I thought the LE edition came with the soundtrack on CD, am I wrong? or NGDev simply forgot to pack it?
  16. aha2940

    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    I'm waiting exactly the same. I think I'll be getting an AES one as soon as SAG have them in stock, since for me shipping from the US is way cheaper than from Europe. And SAG also accept Paypal :) Regarding the cart itself, the screenshots look nice and intuitive to use, same as the original...
  17. aha2940

    Who is the one character you always choose in KOF?

    I used to play with Robert Garcia in KoF 94 and 95.
  18. aha2940

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Just received and installed the PSIO on my PS1: So far, everything has worked fine (Gran Turismo 1 and 2, Symphony of the Night, both Destruction Derbies, Twisted Metal 2, etc.)
  19. aha2940

    Car Lots... and the cheap section in the back...

    Here in Colombia we have no seasons. Also, almost no rust on the cars, unless you live near a shore or near the beach. What car dealers do here is that they tell you (kind of "mandate") to do maintenance to the cars every 8000km (5000miles) and if you don't do it with them, they may void the...
  20. aha2940

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    I like what I read. It seems to be varied, a mixture of Contra and Metal Slug, but with the customizations it can be a good game worthy of the neo-geo, however only gameplay will tell if it is or not. Let's wait for the carts to start arriving and people to test it. I, for one, am excited for...