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    FS: Tons of desirable games, snes, Gen, Playstation, Turbo Grafx etc...

    Hello boys & girls, Today I will be listing a ton of sought after games mainly for the snes, genesis and playstation. The prices aren't set in stone. If you buy more than one game I can give you a better price. shipping is $4 bucks per game, I also do combined shipping if you buy more than one...
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    Questions for overweight people

    I was slim in my teenage years, till I was about 17, I started gaining weight fast. I puffed up to 200 pounds. I always loved jogging and that helped me slim down to about 166 which I maintained till I was about 32 years old. The past 4 years I ballooned back to 200 pounds but for some reason I...
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    Best Neo Geo Pocket games

    I personally find it more enjoyable because its the type of game that any shooter fan can enjoy. The controls are right on. There are tons of power ups, mid as well as end bosses that can be easy or pose a difficult challenge, the power ups help alot. If you ever played cotton for the turbo...
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    Turboexpress LCD mod

    love the major contrast between the two screens, its like night and day.
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    Best Neo Geo Pocket games

    Don't waste your time for shooters its cotton followed by metal slug, for tactical is faselei, for fighting its match of the millenium and for adventure sonic is alright.
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    Full UK NGPC list!

    Most neo geo pocket games support dual language, these were the "neo geo pocket best collection" titles that I know of: Fatal Fury 1st Contact Gals Fighters Last Blade Metal Slug 1st Mission Metal Slug 2nd Mission Samurai Spirits 2 Cardfighter's Clash: SNK Cardfighter's Clash: Capcom SNK v...
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    Full UK NGPC list!

    Oh yes, I can see why. It's nice to have all that. Not sure if you have this or even heard of the "best of" neo geo pocket games:
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    What game do you most wish was released on the pocket?

    I sure could use a beat 'em up, lol. But how about more shooters say aero fighters.
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    NGPC replacement boxes? those tiny cases, remind me of a matchboxes all you need is matches and there you go.
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    Rock Howard Fanart

    Those eyes above in the image draw me in, they look like owl eyes.
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    Full UK NGPC list!

    ok, how far along are you in acquiring neo geo pocket games? I use to have the full uk set and like a big dummy had sold it a while back.
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    What game do you most wish was released on the pocket?

    I wished for a regular megaman game like the nes, I don't know megaman 2 and 5 would be my favorites.
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    Full UK NGPC list!

    I don't think cotton or evolution uk versions are hard to find, they just are ridiculously over priced on egay.
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    Riddles 2.0 thread

    metal slug
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    Shoometsu's collection

    nice collection, how long did it take you to get all that?
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    Riddles 2.0 thread

    pikachu or kirby, smash brothers
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    Chicago Neo Game Night

    This state has plenty of nintendo and sega gamer's but lacks the neo.
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    Reputable ebay sellers?

    if your not comfortable, you do right in not risking damaging the label.
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    Cool Metal Slug Stuff

    the figures would be ideal for a desk decoration in a nice office environment, hopefully with trustworthy co-workers in the area.
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    Reputable ebay sellers?

    one who is capable of opening the aes cart without damaging the label.