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  1. Domino-chan

    So, FRANCE.

    A few days ago, I marked my first month living in the French countryside. My school's been arranging all sorts of trips so we can experience the culture outside of the usual staples like Paris (though we did spend a couple of days there). And so far? It's been one hell of an experience...
  2. Domino-chan

    So I'll be Working/Studying in France this Summer

    A little background first: Most of you guys know I enrolled in culinary school this past spring, and while it's tough, I'm having fun with it. Well, the school has this program where they send eight students to their sister school in France while they send eight of their own to Houston. I...
  3. Domino-chan

    Happy Birthday, AncientFlounder!

    You've reached the big 3-0! Hope your day is filled with Queen, Blade Runner, and beer! :buttrock:
  4. Domino-chan

    James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) Plays King of the Monsters 2

    Link to Video It's only about ten minutes long, but it's fun to watch them play.
  5. Domino-chan

    I'm Going to be a Cheesemonger.

    Yesterday, my manager tells me about a couple of positions that opened up at our main (and HUEG) downtown store. The deli/cheese dept. needed some full-time cheese prep people. He told me because I'm going to culinary school and that it would be a great opportunity for me to get my foot in the...
  6. Domino-chan

    Tobacco-Flavored Vodka.

    I wish I was joking about this. The Ivanabitch rep was doing samples at our store today, and I overheard her talking to my manager about a new vodka flavor that's due out soon. Apparently it's menthol tobacco-flavor. She kept going on about it, saying it tastes amazing in bloody marys and...
  7. Domino-chan

    Beer Auction for Charity!

    Auction has ended. Thank you for participating! Note: Since cdamm's chosen auction site is unable to do beer, we've decided to hold the auction here. Mods, if this is in the incorrect forum, please feel free to move it. SO! Here's what I have to offer: "It's a Major Award!" You'll be...
  8. Domino-chan

    Congestive Heart Failure and Dying Cats. The Past Two Months Kind of Sucked.

    It's been a pretty rough year for me thus far despite the good stuff at my job. For starters, my dad began coughing constantly. He stopped taking his blood pressure meds because they made him cough, but because he stopped, he coughed even more. What happened was his heart started going into...
  9. Domino-chan

    A Discussion about Punctuality. (Or: Why the FUCK are you always late?)

    This is one of my major pet peeves. I'm a punctual person. I don't like making anyone wait, and if I am gonna be late for whatever reason, I call ahead. Conversely, I'm also pretty patient. I know not everyone is going to be on time, so I try to give people the benefit of the doubt...
  10. Domino-chan

    I'm Still Alive. (Also, Work News)

    Yeah, I'm hanging in there. I haven't been around much due to mi familia's suckass internet. I hope they get a better plan soon because I miss torrenting everything. Other than that, I've settled into Houston and got a job with the state's giant liquor chain. I don't work past 9:30pm and I'm...
  11. Domino-chan

    Coming out of Left Field: Jani Lane of Warrant Dead at 47 A piece of my childhood just died, even though it's a piece I'm kind of embarrassed about. :emb: Still, sad Nana is kind of sad.
  12. Domino-chan

    Ebay Auctions: Collectible Toys (FFVII, Ronin Warriors)

    I just listed a few toy-related items up on le Ebay. Have a look maybe? :D
  13. Domino-chan

    The League of Average Joe Travelers: Vancouver, BC (With Bonus Food Porn)

    Last week I visited fabulous Vancouver, British Columbia. It was my second visit and I actually got to see more of the city this time around (my first visit was for an anime convention). I spent most of my trip drawing, hanging out with my generous friend/host, and kicking back. I did only a...
  14. Domino-chan

    I'm Looking into Forming a Will. Suggestions?

    NOTE: Let's get my disclaimer out of the way. No, I'm not dying. At least not that I'm aware of. This has been on my mind a lot lately, ever since I came back from visiting my family in Houston a few months back. I realize that I need to get a will started before it's too late. I'm writing...
  15. Domino-chan

    House Passes Anti-Abortion Bill This thing is a huge slap in the face to women. I'm glad Obama's threatening to veto this trash.
  16. Domino-chan

    Bands/Songs You Hated Growing Up, But Love Now

    Here are a couple of mine: I was watching old episodes of Daria last night, and one of the eps had the Lightning Seeds' cover of "You Showed Me" play at the end. I remember not being a huge fan of the song then, but when I listened to it again, I really enjoyed it. Pet Shop Boys - I couldn't...
  17. Domino-chan

    How do I Handle Something Like This? (Pet Peeve-Related)

    This is a relatively minor suck on my part, but it's been seriously getting under my skin recently. Before I came to Vegas, I had little problem with being called the occasional pet name by customers/co-workers. It was okay and it happened very rarely. Variations included (but not limited to)...
  18. Domino-chan

    Need Help ID'ing a Sci-Fi/Horror Movie

    This is something that's been bugging me for most of my life. I remember seeing this movie when I was really young (around 4-5) and again about 3 years later. It could be more than one movie, but I'm 80% sure it's the same movie. Here's what I can recall: -It's an alien flick. When they...
  19. Domino-chan

    Manute Bol Dead at 47 (Or: I'm not allowed to talk about celebrities anymore) On Friday night, I was hanging out with AncientFlounder. He made some random impersonation of Bol in regards to a commercial. We briefly talked about his retirement and that was it. Then I...
  20. Domino-chan

    Movies that Need a DVD/Blu-Ray Release.

    Pandemonium (1982) - A funny take on all those cheerleader slasher films. Scavenger Hunt (1979) - One GIANT all-star cast and the death of a toilet. A Man Called Sarge (1990) - Very silly WWII comedy with Marc Singer as a German commander. The Compleat Al (1985) - Weird Al mockumentary. It...