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  1. Spike Spiegel

    Jury duty

    No, man. Did that for three years and it was enough.
  2. Spike Spiegel

    Jury duty

    I was called into jury duty when I was a garbage man, years ago. I was only too happy to do it, as I was union, and it was in the middle of summer; so I would be paid 40 hours to either sit in a courthouse or on a stinky garbage truck sweating my balls off. And 40 hours was what it would be...
  3. Spike Spiegel

    NBA season 21/22

    I eagerly await Ben Simmons's first home game at Philadelphia (if there even is a home game with him), just to hear the crowd absolutely destroy him.
  4. Spike Spiegel

    Cowboy Bebop Netflix

    Man, wtf is this shit. I was in a permanent state of cringe watching this intro. Like a dry heave that wouldn't subside.
  5. Spike Spiegel

    SOTN port for the Megadrive

    Jesus, this sounds terrible. Like, the Saturn version was a step down, what the hell is the mega drive gonna do?
  6. Spike Spiegel

    Bibliophile (Waseem Daker) Murder Case Update

    ATTEMPTED, right? Didn't he just stab that kid a bunch and the kid lived?
  7. Spike Spiegel

    I'm only about 8 years late: ff14 is awesome

    My fault. 14. Not 15. I thought 15 was sorta blah. So you obviously didn't like it. Lol. My god, you shit all over it.
  8. Spike Spiegel

    I'm only about 8 years late: ff14 is awesome

    So I've been playing ff14 on a whim, and I love it. I never played WOW, but did do Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot. Anyone here play this (still) or did years ago? I'm playing as a Gladiator atm and am kinda pissed how much I like it.
  9. Spike Spiegel

    Happy Birthday Spike Spiegel!

    How do you guys even remember me? I barely come here lol. Thank you all.
  10. Spike Spiegel

    Holy shit I missed you guys!

    So what IS the story on this? I've always been curious about it.
  11. Spike Spiegel

    Happy Birthday TonK

    Happy Birthday, Mike. Enjoy your day today!
  12. Spike Spiegel

    Question and opinion please regarding my health.

    Well Jesus, Tonk, good luck with whatever this is. :/
  13. Spike Spiegel

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    Absolutely beautiful. Precisely what needs to be replaced when doing the GI? I love the light changing effects just like MB, now.
  14. Spike Spiegel

    Let's acknowledge what's going in in France...

    I can't wait until society finally evolves past the need for a god.
  15. Spike Spiegel

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    So here's the problem: None of those games really hold a candle to today's machines. But, with that said, I'd love a TOTAN remake. CC is just so weak, the rarity is the only reason anyone gives a single crap about it. Never got into TOM. I would take a Twilight Zone remake, but that would be a...
  16. Spike Spiegel

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    So be honest with me, what do you think about Monster Bash in the home? I hear it is too easy and shallow? I have an AFM remake and love it, and while MB is BEAUTIFUL, I am not so sure about the longevity in the home. Your thoughts?
  17. Spike Spiegel

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    It must be a love or hate game. It is my favorite machine and would be the last to go. I guess it depends on if you like the lotr style play experience? And yeah, they are newer games, but I meant the super new ones that are plagued with the playfield issues. That's why I have a CGC machine as...
  18. Spike Spiegel

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    I do. I've tried to stay away from problem pins; so no new JJP nor sterns at the moment. I've got woz, hobbit gold smaug, dialed in le, Metallica pro and an afm special edition. I want another walking dead premium at some point, but would really love a newer machine... but like I said, too scared.
  19. Spike Spiegel

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    Sweet Jesus, that's a lot. I want a Deadpool.... scared of the issues Stern is having with their playfields. Nice collection!
  20. Spike Spiegel

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    What do you have in your possession at the moment?