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  1. opt2not

    Blackmagic Intensity Pro w/ component to DVI cable, SCART2DVI, 8bitdo N30 Pro controller

    Selling a few odds and ends that are just sitting around. Prices are OBO in USD, Shipped in the USA only. - Blackmagic Intensity Pro w/ component to DVI cable: (solid capture card. works great, especially for capturing component through this cable) $120 - SCART2DVI: (barely used, works great...
  2. opt2not

    SOTM April 2022: Sonic Wings Special & Limited

    Sonic Wings Special and Limited. Since there are slight differences in these games, we’ll run separate scoreboards. I’ll amend this post if more information surfaces, but for now let’s roll with this plan. Wikipedia info: Fandom info...
  3. opt2not

    SOTM April 2022 Poll

    wataru330 can't host this month, and since I've hosted April for the last few years, I figured I'll just handle this SOTM. Last month it was nice to see G Darius in the vote, let's put it back on the ballot and see how it does. Also adding Gradius Gaiden, Sonic Wings Special/Limited, Strikers...
  4. opt2not

    WHODOYOUPLAYAS! Neo Turf Masters t-shirts, hoodies and posters

    Hey, I recently started a merchandise shop for my twitch stream to sell some of my artwork for various items. WHODOYOUPLAYAS! Is a tribute to Neo Turf Masters, the greatest golf game ever. T-shirt and hoodie sizes go up to 5XL, and the posters come in...
  5. opt2not

    Stereo mod board for MVS-1FZ(S) by Everten

    Everten, creator of other stereo add-on mod boards for the Taito F3, Namco System 1, and Sega STV has been working on the MVS-1FZ and 1FZS. I’ve been wanting something like this for my 1-slotter for a while. This board enables you to connect RCA plugs for stereo sound output. I’ve got a first...
  6. opt2not

    WTS: GCW Zero , N64 Bundle

    Selling some stuff that I don't use anymore to help purchase another cabinet. Prices in USD, shipping not included. OBO if you wanna haggle. GCW Zero handheld Works great, has been modded with better D-pad, analog stick and buttons, also has softer microswitches for silent running. Comes...
  7. opt2not

    SOTM April 2021: Einhänder

    Einhänder Difficulty: Normal Name - Score - Stage - Ship ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. daskrabs - 1,062,220 - stage 2 - Endymion FRS Mk. III 2. sylvie - 986,980 - stage 2 - Endymion FRS Mk. III 3. 4. 5...
  8. opt2not

    WTS: Die Hard Arcade cart (STV)

    ————— ALL SOLD ————— Die Hard Arcade STV Cart -$40 —> SOLD Fully working, got this as a spare so I don't need it. Aero City repro panel - $60 ---> NOW $50 -----> SOLD Legendary Wings w/ JAMMA Adapter - $350 ---> NOW $260 —> SOLD Beautiful clean original board, 100% working. Includes a...
  9. opt2not

    April SOTM Vote

    i can’t seem to find the poll option in this new forum update, so we’ll count the votes by hand. choose your flavor this month: 1. Raiden Fighters Jet 2. Einhander 3. 1943: Kai 4. Metal Black Edit: btw, I’ll end the vote on April 1st at Midnight PST.
  10. opt2not

    FS: Legendary Wings /w JAMMA Adapter, repro Aero City panel

    Got a couple goodies to sell. Prices in USD, shipping is included to the USA, elsewhere will be extra. Paypal F&F or add 4% for fees. Aero City repro panel - $60 ————— SOLD ————— Legendary Wings w/ JAMMA Adapter - $350 ---> NOW $260 —> SOLD Beautiful clean original board, 100% working...
  11. opt2not

    WTB Irem M72

    I’m looking for any M72 PCB, except R-type. let me know if you have an M72 board available. Thanks.
  12. opt2not

    A few Arcade and emulation related items

    Time to get rid of a bunch of stuff I'm not using anymore. Prices are in USD, shipped is included. Open to OBO negotiations. Paypal friends & family, or add 4% for fees. Golden Axe, rom board only for the Sega System 16B - $140 Fully works. Pulled from a board that I converted to a multi...
  13. opt2not

    Purge time! Various console stuffz

    Time to get rid of a bunch of stuff I'm not using anymore. Prices are in USD, shipping is included in the USA. Open to OBO. Paypal friends & family, or add 4% for fees. GCW Zero w/ 64 GB Micro SD card installed - $145 This one hurts me because I love this thing, but I don't use it anymore...
  14. opt2not

    FS: GC Gameboy Player + startup disc, MC Cthulhu + RJ45 cables

    Selling a few more things that I don't use anymore. Shipping in the CONUS is included in the price, a bit extra for Canada. Sorry homies from overseas, shipping is too unpredictable and expensive these days. Paypal F&F, or add 4% for fees. MC Cthulhu + RJ45 cables for Saturn, Dreamcast, and...
  15. opt2not

    SOTM October 2020: X-Multiply

    Default settings (dipswitches): Normal Difficulty 3 Lives No Continues Autofire is ok, just include it in the score submission. PCB/MAME/PS4/SWITCH NAME - SCORE - STAGE - AUTOFIRE? - PLATFORM 1. GMEGBLN - 2,347,200 - Stage 6 - Autofire ON - MAME 2. Chosen One - 1,601,500 - Stage 5 -...
  16. opt2not

    SOTM October 2020 Voting Thread

    Whoops, sorry for the late voting thread. Completely slipped my mind that I'm hosting this month. Let's get a quick 2-day poll going so we don't lose too many days out of this month. This month selection is a variety of Halloween/Horror style shmups. Abadox Released on the NES, this...
  17. opt2not

    Metal Slug X kit - no Cart

    This is now SOLD. ============ $100 + shipping in the USA. Not shipping internationally right now, sorry. Comes with box (has small pen writing in the top corner), dipswitch sheet, Instruction Arts, Instruction strip, Mini Marquee Overall great condition.
  18. opt2not

    Game Gear Set — SOLD

    Game Gear Set - $100 + shipping in the USA. —-> SOLD Comes with a fully working console, magnfiying attachment, Game Genie, Carrying bag and the following games (with some boxes as seen): - World Series '95 - Pac-man - Virtua Fighter - "Some Mahjong game" 2 - Puzzle Bobble - Sonic the Hedgehog...
  19. opt2not

    FS: Arcade Parts, SNES/NES 8bitdo controllers, Misc

    Got some random stuff I don't need. Shipping is included to the CONUS. Everywhere else, sorry, but you'll have to pay for the shipping. Minimum order of $20. I'm not risking a trip to the post office for a few bucks. At least make it the price of a case of beer! :D...
  20. opt2not

    Robotron 10-million points run attempt - live on 04/09/20

    Setting up my cabinets for live streaming is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I managed to pick-up all the neccesary gear to get clean A/V out of an arcade cab and streamed live online with cameras and a mic embedded in the feed. I've got my Robotron Cabaret wired up and...