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  1. Murray

    4-slot keeps killing the battery

    I have a 4-slot that (mostly) miraculously survived being underwater a couple days during a flood. I had to replace the backup ram to get it to boot and play again but it now does that quite nicely. Unfortunately, it now kills the battery within a day or so of powering off the cabinet. When I...
  2. Murray

    Soft dips not saved

    I have an Mv-4f that I recently repaired so that it would pass the backup ram test (replaced both chips). It boots and plays fine now, and saves the calendar info, but soft dips (most notably the cabinet settings) aren't being persisted. The board has a unibios 3.0 in it and the backup battery...
  3. Murray

    Amplified stereo into MVS harness?

    I'm working on a JAMMA Genesis and since the plan is to hook it up to my MVS cabinet, it sure would be a shame to let that sweet, sweet stereo audio go to waste. I'm planning to use one of those cheap PAM 8610 reference boards as the amp, and like most stereo amps, the speakers come out with...
  4. Murray

    Saving my flooded MVS U4

    Back in 2016 my house got 3ish feet of water in it and among the victims was my beloved MVS cabinet. I'm finally in a position to start cleaning it up and it's going surprisingly smoothly! Even though the monitor got water half way up it, no problems there. Out of an abundance of caution, I...
  5. Murray

    Anyone in UK want the Bourne collection UV codes?

    I know it's been a long-ass time since I posted here but I have these codes and know some of you are in the UK. Since I'd rather give them to Neo members than some other random selection of jackasses on the net, I'm offering them here. They came with my Blu-Ray set but since it's UK region, I...
  6. Murray

    Scrambled screen on MV4

    My 4-slot sat unused (even disconnected) for several months and when I went to play it today, it was doing this: It does that whether there are carts in it or not. Where do I start with troubleshooting?
  7. Murray

    SOLD: Omega Neo Geo CMVS w/ KOF97 + World Heroes

    SOLD! Edit: I'm up for $400 if you don't want the games and controllers. I REALLY don't want to sell this but I need a new AV receiver more than I need my CMVS. This was built with an Omega kit. It is wired for stereo and a Neobiosmasta and licensed Universe Bios 3.1 are included...
  8. Murray

    Trinitron monitor blowing fuses

    I just picked up a cheapish PVM-1953MD off of eBay to use rotated. The shipping was more than the monitor so it's not really worth trying to send it back for this IMO. Hopefully I can repair it. It ran for a minute or so and looked fantastic, but then the picture got a little wobbly and it...
  9. Murray

    RGB Bypass of a JROK Encoder (on a supergun)

    I am thinking of picking up an RGB monitor to use vertically since decent vertical cabs are kind of hard to come by around here. I already have a decent supergun for breaking out the controls and power but it has an old JROK encoder in it. It works great for NTSC but of course if I have an RGB...
  10. Murray

    Final Fight PCB Again

    I got some time to look at this again ... I swear I'll get it working eventually. Here's the original thread: I've done some more testing since then. I've ruled out any of the roms and both the A and B...
  11. Murray

    Buying a cab off ebay, monitor is dim

    A couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted a vertical cab to put my Twin Eagle board in. After a little digging on eBay, I found this one: The monitor is on in those pics. It's really dim. I talked to the guy a little and he...
  12. Murray

    Any of you bitches near Lake Charles, LA?

    I'm spinning a DnB set at Groundwerk tomorrow night. Stuff like this: and The party is from 9p to 4am. It's going to be NUTS. Details here...
  13. Murray

    Stolen MVS-U4 in MS

    A friend of mine just went through a bunch of BS and long story short, either his roommates or ex-GF stole his MVS-U4 while he was out of the house. As it was configured when it left, it had a 4-slot, MV-IC (no headphone wires, though), Samurai Shodown 2, Magical Drop 2, Magician Lord, and...
  14. Murray

    Intel Laptop CPUs

    Got a few Intel mobile CPUs that were pulled from systems that didn't need them (i.e., battery failed and didn't make sense to replace, LCD broken, etc.). I had a stack of them lying around and went on an expedition to upgrade my laptop CPU. These are the ones I didn't need / couldn't use...
  15. Murray

    If you dig drum & bass ...

    ... I just finished a new promo and you should check it out. I'm using it to help promote a monthly party here in Baton Rouge. Lots of good tunes in there. It sort of flows between hard / edgy and chilled / atmospheric. It's posted in my Soundcloud: Thomas Melvin - The Fever, The Focus
  16. Murray

    Rastan P1 button 2 doesn't work

    I just got a cheapy cheap Rastan board off eBay. The seller said the P1 jump button (button 2) doesn't work and I figured it would be a relatively easy fix. I traced the contact from the JAMMA edge to what looks like a resistor pack (I'm guessing) but really have no idea where to go with this...
  17. Murray

    Flower soundtrack is up on PSN

    $2.99. I'm buying. No idea if I can listen to it outside of the PS3 / PSP but I hope so.
  18. Murray

    This is now the Laserdisc forum

    Well, I see more useful posts about LD here than home theater forums so I figured I'd post here to see if anyone could help. I'll start by saying this could be perfectly normal and I'm only just now noticing it. When I'm watching some discs, the picture gets kind of smeared looking when...
  19. Murray

    WTB: Strange Days R2 German SE DVD

    This one, specifically. I was all ready to buy it through Amazon (about $40 shipped for a new one) but they refused to ship to my USA address. So I don't necessarily care if you sell me your copy. If you want to get one from there and ship it to me, that would work too.
  20. Murray

    Soldering Iron Temp Advice

    I just got my hands on a Weller WES50 with some new tips and have some soldering to do but have some questions since this is my first actual controlled-temp soldering iron. I'll be using 60/40 tin/lead solder and probably this 1/16" screwdriver tip to solder some sockets onto some Genesis cart...