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    Chat message

    Only if someone is around to see it drop.
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    Subwoofer in an MVS cabinet?

    My Area 51 cab has a sub built in. As long as they are kept well away from the monitor should be fine, But that being said I am not sure its worth the effort tbh.
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    Xeno Crisis coming to Neo Geo

    I asked about the NGCD version last week, I was told to expect a update in the next week or 2.
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Looking much nicer! Good jobs guys.
  6. titchgamer

    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    Finally got to mine to update it this eve, All went well no issues :)
  7. titchgamer

    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    Awesome! Still not got to mine! Been far to busy the last few days and its buried behind a wall of boxes atm lol
  8. titchgamer

    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    Not had time yet but I have not seen any reports of issues.
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    The new firmware is on his site. Cool update :) Firmware v0.8b (Updated 1st February 2021 - For top-loaders) After updating, versions must be: MENU:0.8 MCU:00.08 CPLD:00.02 Changes from v0.7: Feature: Soft DIPs settings in in-game menu...
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    New SNK Console in 2021

    If they released a HNG64 mini I would prob buy it.... Only because I cant emulate that any other way! I have 3 of the 4 fighters but never managed to get Sam Sho 64.
  11. titchgamer

    NGPC Backlight Kit in the works!

    Nice, I look forward to the reviews.
  12. titchgamer

    NGPC Backlight Kit in the works!

    Where from?
  13. titchgamer

    Paprium for real 2020, got my conformation email for delivery!?

    Glad to hear :) It looked awesome in the videos and I love a 2D brawler so had to have it. Brought that and Mercenary Kings in the sale. Also if anyone is interested I highly recommend River City Girls on PS4/Switch etc. Has a great sound track and really fun gameplay :)...
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    Paprium for real 2020, got my conformation email for delivery!?

    This is basically my thoughts. For £120 I want to be wowed with something I cant get cheaper. Like if it was maybe £50 I would buy it regardless as I dont mind dropping that for a average to good indie physical release. But £120 for a MD game is top dollar in my mind and I want something...
  15. titchgamer

    Paprium for real 2020, got my conformation email for delivery!?

    I was looking at this game the other day but glad to see some real reviews of it. So the long and short of it is not worth the $130. That kinda makes me sad as it looks fun but I would only ever compare it to SOR2 so would prob end up disappointed. Ile wait and see if they ever release a...
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    What was the last Neo game you played in 2020?

    I played a little Beast Busters on new years eve if that counts. Otherwise it was Slug 3 few weeks ago.
  17. titchgamer

    'Twas The Neo Night Before Christmas...

    Merry xmas guys. Stay safe n healthy.
  18. titchgamer

    Seimitsu sanwa?

    I prefer Seimitsu but yeah as the others said both are great its just down to personal preference. I use a combination of both on my cabs/fight sticks.
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    Please bring back Tapatalk support

    Working for me at the moment.