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  1. Lee_Rekka

    Dodonpachi FPGA core released on MiSTer!

    If you have a MiSTer, just use the update all script, and you got it. Have fun.
  2. Lee_Rekka

    MiSTer Sega CD FPGA core released today!

    Scratch another one off the list. Every other day something awesome comes out for this amazing piece of hardware. The Future Is Now.
  3. Lee_Rekka

    MiSTer Gameboy Advance FPGA core released today!

    If anyone cares, the GBA core is out today for MiSTer. It's still in beta, but runs very well already. Sega CD core should hopefully be next.
  4. Lee_Rekka

    MiSTer Neo Geo FPGA core released

    Today is the day, the official public build is out and its great. I suggest anyone who is interested in an FPGA Neo Geo to grab a MiSTer. Just make sure to get the 128mb RAM board so you can play all the games.:buttrock: