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  1. Liq_Wurm

    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    Silicon Valley, Rick & Morty, Better Call Saul, South Park
  2. Liq_Wurm

    Sell me an NES Classic Edition only cuz I can't get one.

    I spent weeks developing my raspberry pi. but the controller input lag makes playing snes titles like mario & f-zero unplayable. i've played the nes classic, there is no input lag. that being said the pi was a fun project & I did manage to complete my dual boot kodi 17/batocera which I am loving.
  3. Liq_Wurm

    Sell me an NES Classic Edition only cuz I can't get one.

    although I do like the fact that you get 2 controllers out the box. But the mini-controllers are holding me back. I might just jump on board considering it is nintendo and still a pretty unique piece.
  4. Liq_Wurm

    Sell me an NES Classic Edition only cuz I can't get one.

    Respect your elders son.
  5. Liq_Wurm

    Sell me an NES Classic Edition only cuz I can't get one.

    I don't really know why I want one. Maybe because I cannot find one for a resonable price. And maybe because they're not making them anymore. But if your willing to let one go or know a guy, shoot me an offer. Also if anyone's looking to trade I have numerous titles, systems, arcade stuff...
  6. Liq_Wurm

    Do you have this kinda feeling after buy up all the AES/MVS games you want?

    The problem is when you start to sell a few titles saying to yourself... well i can always get another copy later. Then later arrives and you say... damn those are the games I want to play, now I have to go and buy them again.
  7. Liq_Wurm

    To buy or not to buy: joust sitdown cocktail

    You Got it! that's the one. True, the footprint is quite large. but realistically it is because it's one of the first few 2 player cabs with simultaneous play on a horizontal monitor. for 1982 that's way ahead of it's time. Apparently people Frankenstein these cabs to make a 2 player Mame...
  8. Liq_Wurm

    To buy or not to buy: joust sitdown cocktail

    It's local, I've seen and played it first hand at the Calgary pincade last year, and I have a friend who would help me move it. the 2 player cocktail layout is surprisingly roomy compared to going shoulder to shoulder with a friend on a standard 19" stand up.
  9. Liq_Wurm

    To buy or not to buy: joust sitdown cocktail

    Sup! i have an opportunity to get a joust sit-down cocktail that is in awesome shape for $800 a little on the rich side in terms of pricing however the monitor is very sharp, inside very clean. artwork and top glass is in really nice shape so no restoration required. What do you think. would...
  10. Liq_Wurm

    anyone here work alot of overtime?

    When I got in with my new job, I was working OT almost every week, and sure extra monies and great and all but unless your getting that hourly wage it ain't worth it. not to mention all the added stress of feeling like you can never get away from work is not cool. Now that I'm on salary I get to...
  11. Liq_Wurm

    The shit-pile that is the NGX - A Retrospective

    i think I ended up playing this for a grand total of 8 hours over the course of 2 months before it went back in the box. I'll pick up the compilation pack when it's hits the amazon bargain bin for $5
  12. Liq_Wurm

    Money Puzzle Exchanger - so addictive!

    agreed, both games are fun for their own quarks. MD3 may be the original and have the polish but MPE has it`s own charm. to those who have not yet played MD3... what are you waiting for! awesome title! you`ll be addicted.
  13. Liq_Wurm

    Bethesda games: I just don't get it

    I also can't get into Bethesda, however they did acquire than publish Rage which really brought me back to the good old quake1 fps days. I'd recommend it for the PC.
  14. Liq_Wurm

    SNK Playmore is hiring 3D game designers for new projects

    I don't want to see SNK fuck up a series like FF & MOTW. best stick with remaking KOF and Samsho over and over again for the rest of snk's lifespan, beating the proverbial dead horse as they say. Generates more revenue to use titles people are familiar with. Don't mess with the classics, and...
  15. Liq_Wurm

    Analogue Interactive Black Label: Custom Wood Neo Geo CMVS

    ya know thats great and all but I'm waiting for the marble granite edition... by the way I just copyrighted that so be sure to e-mail me before production starts ;)
  16. Liq_Wurm

    Has anyone had experience with

    man that site is so ancient i wonder if he still has the stock he claims to. although he does offer MVS carts on the cheap typically they are heavily used, heavily scratched and needing a good cleaning before I would plug them in my cab. he is known to sell boots so be sure to tell him you want...
  17. Liq_Wurm

    Neo Geo X game packs delayed until May

    they say the update will fix certain issues, however I'd love to get a look as to what and the extent of these fixes may be. every other company releasing software provides a detailed list of changes and fixes with their updates. i get the impression that we won't be hearing about any of these...
  18. Liq_Wurm

    Shooting in Denver at marijuana rally

    I'm sure the state will gladly put pot back on their illegal use list ofter an incident like this. In fact why not just go ahead and tell everyone that they cannot gather in a public place anymore "for safety".