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  1. NGCDFreak

    WTB: Cheap ass ngpc handheld.

    Just wondering if I can get a neo pocket color for cheap. Thanks i love this hand held and was stupid for giving my previous one away.
  2. NGCDFreak

    Wtb CVS pro for the Dreamcast.

    I'm posting this in hoping of getting Capcom vs SNK pro for the Dreamcast at a Decent price if not that's okay. Thanks Hoping to get one for $25-30
  3. NGCDFreak

    would it be cool if

    SNK made RPG'S for the Neo Geo?
  4. NGCDFreak

    how much should I save up for a Atomiswave motherboard?

    Plan on getting one soon so how much should I pay for one? Thanks.
  5. NGCDFreak

    questions about SNK ports on Super Famicom.

    Are they okay ? Which one should i get ? I'm asking this because I got my SFC ready to play, thanks.
  6. NGCDFreak

    could neo geo 64 games be ported on the N64 ?

    I'm asking this because if so it would've encourage me to get that system or was it to weak to handle them?
  7. NGCDFreak

    what would've been the ideal console to port Neo geo 64 games?

    Just wanna hear members choices me I would say the Dreamcast don't know why just think it could've handled it well maybe they should try porting some arcade perfect titles on the PS4 maybe.
  8. NGCDFreak

    what SNK -neogeo series you hate or don't give a shit about?

    Mine is the Metal Slug series what's yours?
  9. NGCDFreak

    looking for a Vita.

    Hey I'm interested in getting a Vita for my nephew anyone got one for sale? Thanks.
  10. NGCDFreak

    want to trade for these 3 Saturn titles.

    I would like to trade these Saturn games. for jpn psone shit. Here's the games I have. Vampire Savior with 4mb cart Dungeons and dragons collection Pocket Fighter Soukyugourentai Thanks
  11. NGCDFreak

    fuck the N64

    Really this system is shitty Shitty controller, graphics, games,sound everything about it is shit I feel sorry for the fans and people who bought it playing it makes me appreciate the Saturn and see's why the playstation was successful. To let you know I borrowed my sister's N64 and would not...
  12. NGCDFreak

    need a PC ideal for graphic Arts nonsense.

    Need some recommendations and something that's not too expensive thanks.
  13. NGCDFreak

    wtb: SVC chaos and Samurai Shodown V for the Xbox

    I'm interested in getting these 2 titles for the Xbox that is all thanks.
  14. NGCDFreak

    looking for Japanese dreamcast posters.

    Looking for some jpn DC flyers ,promo or reg posters to hang up on my wall that's all.
  15. NGCDFreak

    Fuck Subway.

    I hate that place their Sandwiches make me sick and wanna puke can anyone else relate?
  16. NGCDFreak

    looking for these anime titles.

    Nevermind sorry for wasting your time.
  17. NGCDFreak

    Should I get a Mega CD console?

    Now that I'm done with my Dreamcast collection and halfway through with my Saturn, I've been thinking about checking out the Mega CD and getting titles like Final fight, Dennin Aleste and so on I would to know where to get one for cheap and should i get either the front loader or top loader and...
  18. NGCDFreak

    recommend me a brand of color pencils.

    I've been drawing alot recently and would like to add some color in my work and due to the fact I suck at painting would like to use color pencils I've been using the prismacolor brand lately and been wondering should i stick to that brand or try another brand.