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  1. MetalSlugVet

    WTB lost of ps1 games , resident evil 2 dreamcast and Sega nomad console modded or unmodded (ready to make lots of deals)

    These are the last few things I need to totally complete my collection. Please let me know what you have and we can work a deal out! Thanks guys -resident evil 2 dreamcast or ps1 -mega man legends ps1 case and manual only -airgrave import ps1 (psx) -stahlfeder ps1 import (psx) -sega nomad...
  2. MetalSlugVet

    Playstation 1 games shoot em ups mainly and imports

    Deal pending on a black ps1 net yaroze, still looking for extra net yaroze controllers, and the following games… -donpachi -R type delta English variant -Tempest 3d English variant - Gaia Seed: Project Trap Japanese import - Airgrave Japanese import - Gradius deluxe pack Japanese import...
  3. MetalSlugVet

    Crystal Boxes AES box protectors

    I was browsing the neo geo forever group on facebook and ran into these crystal boxes. I am pretty excited to have more alternatives to the overly expensive kaiser cases.. Hopefully these crystal cases are good to go and are high quality, i think the neo geo logo is a nice feature but I read in...
  4. MetalSlugVet

    Wtb Ghost pilots Dog tag homecart

    Looking for a ghost pilots dog tag version.. Please message me if you have one and I will be happy to pay a fair price, thank you!
  5. MetalSlugVet

    Magician Lord AES

    Looking for an English magician lord on AES. thanks
  6. MetalSlugVet

    WTB Dreamcast games

    Looking to finish my Dreamcast collection I need the following items. - power stone 2 cib - marvel vs capcom 2 cib - South Park rally cib - jet grind radio cib - dynamite cop cib - Namco museum cib - army men sarges hero’s cib -any Japan exclusive shoot em up( I have no imports yet)...
  7. MetalSlugVet

    Alice In Chains

    What do you guys think of this band? I think they are one of the best bands of the 90’s. Some of my favorite songs are “ I stay away”, “them bones”, “ angry chair”, “ love hate love”, “would”, and “nutshell” to name a few. Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell had very unique vocals when they...
  8. MetalSlugVet

    WTB magician lord AES (English) cib and ghost pilots Dog tag cib

    I’m looking for -Magician lord cib (English) -ghost pilots DT cib I have a Neo-aec arcade stick plus cash or just money if you don’t need another stick.
  9. MetalSlugVet

    WTB Snes carts, N64 carts, Genesis CIB/CB,/Manual only and TurboGrafx cic/manual only

    Looking for the following games. Please let me know what you have and we can make a deal. SNES Cartridges- -Final fight 3 - Space megaforce - Magic sword - run saber -ultimate mortal kombat 3 Genesis CIB/CB -Thunder Force 3 CIB or CB -Earthworm Jim CIB or CB - Mega turrican CIB or CB -...
  10. MetalSlugVet

    Married with children

    Are you guys into this show? It’s one series that I can watch over and over and it never gets old. When Ive had a bad day or I’m stressed out after work i like to watch Al being tortured by the shoe store customers or his family. Some of my favorite episodes are “who will stop the rain”...
  11. MetalSlugVet

    WTB OEM AES AV chord and English AES games cib

    Looking for -OEM AES composite av chord -ghost pilots cib English dog tag -Andro dunos English cib -magician lord English cib -Last resort cib English Cib -cyber lip English cib - king of monsters dog tag manual
  12. MetalSlugVet

    Gross foot pic soured my OfferUp purchase

    Earlier today I saw on offer up Two AES arcade sticks at 30 for both. I was about to buy the two as backups but then I saw the last pic of the guys disgusting foot on a paper In the last pic. I decided to stay away from anything he touched. There is a deal for anyone who will risk touching the...
  13. MetalSlugVet

    Huge wildfire closing in, Bighorn wildfire in northern Tucson,AZ

    I live a bit north of Tucson in a place called the Catalina foothills. It’s basically on the edge of big mountains and a huge wildfire was started a few days ago from lightening. My neighbors two streets over are being forced to evacuate and my block is being told to be ready to leave any...
  14. MetalSlugVet

    Your least favorite Neo Geo game that you own.

    We all know the Neo Geo game library is a fantastic set of games. However I’m sure we have all bought a game that you think you would like but then you get it and think “ahh this is just ok” or even “this game sucks.” The game that disappointed me was the original Fatal fury on the AES. Luckily...
  15. MetalSlugVet

    WTB snes, genesis , and Turbografx stuff.

    Looking for the following stuff 1. Snes carts only -final fight 3 -space megaforce -phalanx 2. Genesis games cib or box and cart -truxton -thunder force 3 -mega turrican -earthworm Jim -ghouls n ghosts -Alicia dragoon -revenge of Shinobi -steel empire -vapor trail -splatterhouse 3...
  16. MetalSlugVet

    Any tips for dealing with an older family member who is an alcoholic?

    I’ve have a uncle who I love dearly, he is in his upper 50’s and has a alcohol problem. His wife is talking about divorce as of late, he gets mean when he drinks and due to quarantine it’s been worse then ever lately. He has been spending weeks at a time drunk. I’ve been thinking of recording...
  17. MetalSlugVet

    Which 16 bit mortal kombat reigns supreme?

    Back in the 90’s I was always a huge mortal kombat fan. Something about scorpion yelling “get over here!” paired with brutal fatalities really set apart this one from other fighters at the time. As a kid I would of said mortal kombat ii is the best of the best ( as long as you had friends to...
  18. MetalSlugVet

    Which Neo Geo AES box protectors are the best these days?

    I’ve always held off on getting AES box protectors but now I want to try them out. Which are the best ones to buy? From what I’ve seen online there are different thicknesses and different overall designs. Thanks guys
  19. MetalSlugVet

    Vertical vs horizontal which do you prefer?

    What do you find more enjoyable vertical or horizontal shoot em ups? As a kid I would of said horizontal as my introduction to shooters was r type on Turbografx and lightening force on genesis. However these days I play a lot more vertical shooters then horizontal. Games like raiden, aero...
  20. MetalSlugVet

    Is the sega Saturn overrated for shoot em ups?

    I was always a sega kid during the 16 bit generation. However I skipped the sega Saturn for n64 back then. Mainly because I got burned on the 32x and I wanted a 3d focused system at the time. To be honest I have never even played the Saturn console at all. I’m kinda sad I missed out on the sega...