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  1. cdamm

    So I did another thing and made a new site.

    Doing windy is fun, but it's super niche. I needed something with more wide appeal. I decided to do a used computer shop. Everything in it has been upgraded to at least 8gb ram (except when dealing with embedded/ non upgradable stuff) and to windows 10 pro (with the exception of one machine that...
  2. cdamm

    Goodbye to Detroit44

    It looks like Detroit44 has passed away. This was one of the nicest people i have ever encountered. He was generous and a great guy. He was a good member here for a good long while as well. Cheers to you bud.
  3. cdamm

    FS: early 2015 macbook pro with an issue, but cheap.

    So- i got this at a local auction. worked great. put it aside and a week later it was bios locked. I don't have the time and patience to do a bios swap so i'm letting it go cheap. I wiped it, so no OS is installed right now. Pretty good shape, but has a couple small dings (which happens with...
  4. cdamm

    Rip Stephen Hawking. Dead at 76. also craig mack died today.
  5. cdamm

    Windy Gaming Original Product Support Thread.

    Hey everyone- This thread is for anyone who picked up any of the original products i released and have questions/ concerns/ or troubles. Item such as The ATP-300 supergun, Fierce Fightstick, UD2ATP, or any other future items are included. Please feel free to hit me up either here, PM, my...
  6. cdamm

    (gone) Free copy of ftl for steam.

    lol. I also picked up into the breach. i also already had ftl. first established member who wants it, gets it! I just need your steam id to gift it over.
  7. cdamm

    Merry christmas yall!

    I know im a little early here, but with the family stuff to do i might not be around and i wanted to send my happy merrys. My best to all of you and yours! 8===D -c.
  8. cdamm

    Looks like I found a fix for neo cd pads with bad switches

    If someone has a pad with bad switches , I need a guinea pig. We got a couple fixed already but I want one more to make sure I got it exactly right. The deal is: cover the shipping both ways. I'll fix it for nothing. You get a proper working pad again. No strings attached . Someone want to...
  9. cdamm

    Ghosts n Goblins prototype pcb. (yes that one).

    It's kind of a mixed bag of feelings here, but after talking it over with a couple of the fellas I decided that i need to let this go. I have a bit of a financial situation that needs taking care of and this has literally sat on a shelf in the box it came in since i received it several years...
  10. cdamm

    Workout mix?

    my workout mix is getting a little stale. need some new tunes. What are y'all listening to when you work out? Here's some of my standards:
  11. cdamm

    free: Wasteland steam key.

    i got an extra steam key. message me, but only if you are a regular and will play it!
  12. cdamm

    Hugh Hefner dead at 91 He is a man who truly lived the dream.
  13. cdamm

    A Video Game Con (AVGC), Parsippany NJ. 9/9-9/10

    Its a fun convention with good show runners. I'll have a booth there. ANyone else coming out?
  14. cdamm

    Wtb: CPS2 clips and mounting feet.

    If someone has an extra set, that would be so appreciated i would return the favor with cash in your paypal account. LMK.
  15. cdamm

    bannon is out!

    i'll let fake news explain bannons firing. about damn time.
  16. cdamm

    4 laptops and an imac.

    so i was tasked with selling a few extra computers floating around. I got 4 laptops (1x i7, 3x i5) and a 2011 i5 imac. prices are shipped in the us. Im still doing some cleanup on some of them before i sell them off, so i'll trickle them out as they get done. I ship on thursdays and saturdays...
  17. cdamm

    Martin Landau dead at 89.

    first romero, now landau. 2 legends. i hope there wont be a third today.
  18. cdamm

    b-b-b-b-b-but her emails... turnabout, motherfuckers!
  19. cdamm

    panama canal.

    trump: The Panama Canal is doing quite well. I think we did a good job building it, right - a very good job. juan carlos varela, president of panama: Yeah, about 100 years ago. you're welcome panama...