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  1. Tyranix95

    SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Announced for Switch and PS4

    Since SNK is clearly into cross-dressing and crossovers, they should go the CAPCOM route. Add some Darkstalkers and Street Fighter characters. Give it a bit of a SNK vs CAPCOM feel. :eek_2: / :lolz:
  2. Tyranix95

    Got Scammed, Need help piecing together a 4 slot MVS

    Generous offer. Hope there's a happy ending involved.
  3. Tyranix95 Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    Not Neo, but def WTF.
  4. Tyranix95

    A Few MVS Carts.

    Thanks for posting up, nd. Mike guide, or MMAO in effect (See 1st post). Just happened typed the list up the way I saw the carts in the box pic.
  5. Tyranix95

    A Few MVS Carts.

    Inbox clear. Send Again.
  6. Tyranix95

    A Few MVS Carts.

    Added some more carts to the list.
  7. Tyranix95

    A Few MVS Carts.

    PM received... Thank You... :) PM Sent... Prefer US buyers at the moment... And, SS5 is Sale Pending.... Hope this info helps. Tx
  8. Tyranix95

    A Few MVS Carts.

    Hi Gang, Cleaning up again. Prices are basically Mike's guide + shipping. If the price is way off, feel free to MMAO. Please PM if interested. And, if you get a few carts, let me see if I can save you a few coins with combine shipping. All carts are original, working, and in ok shape, with...
  9. Tyranix95

    Mvc1 problem

    If I had to take a guess: BIOS issue. But, check w/ Shadowkn55, as he's pretty much mastered the MV1C.
  10. Tyranix95

    Golden Axe 2: RODA no sound...

    Lower your +5v line a bit. It should be set at+5.00v (or a little above) and hold constant. Exceeding +5.25v is asking NOT a good thing. --- With the board powered on: touch the bottom of the volume pot with your finger tip and listen for a buzzing noize from the cab. A buzzing noise when...
  11. Tyranix95

    *All Sold*

  12. Tyranix95


    Sup, mainman. Heh, This coming form the person who has refused more impressive offers that anyone I know.
  13. Tyranix95

    Metal Slug MVS Raffle

    Got this game already. Fun game. Just wanna bump this thread up a bit for those that don't have one yet so they can get in on the action. :)
  14. Tyranix95

    FS: MVS carts *More added 4/20*

    Eh, PM Sent.
  15. Tyranix95

    Norcal coinopexpress group buy?

    Didn't battlesmurf get a Darius Burst cab from him?
  16. Tyranix95

    CPS2 B board cover

    Things you should already have: CPS2 MultiKit CPS2 Donor Board Set Soldering Iron, Solder, Solder Wick or Solder Sucker
  17. Tyranix95

    Norcal coinopexpress group buy?

    Bad Idea. Anytime someone says COE: Avoid. Imho, you're better off blowing your wad in a casino or at a strip club. Hell, just take a trip--anywhere. At least you'll have fun.
  18. Tyranix95

    Fixing a melted CD drive

    Damn, sooo close to a multi-PS flash cart. Mna, I really hate CD-ROM loading. Someone should, like, make one of these for every CD system.