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  1. systmdfect

    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Had been playing Darius Gaiden on Saturn for a few weeks. Finally 1CCed a path on normal difficulty. Had 2 ships in stock. Kinda want to learn other paths now.
  2. systmdfect

    JNX Shift - A Neo Geo Adapter **Available Now**

    Nice work on this! Just ordered one. Can't wait to get it.
  3. systmdfect

    Anyone going to Texas Showdown this year???

    I've only been to the Houston area a couple times. Not a fan. Way too humid for me.
  4. systmdfect

    SNES 1CC thread aka hop on that bandwagon thread.

    I recently 1CCed Darius Twin. Not my favorite game in the series, but it was a 1CC none the less.
  5. systmdfect

    I need a aes system repaired.

    I'll second that. XX does some amazing work.
  6. systmdfect

    Gene Wilder dead at 83

    This sucks. I grew up watching his movies as a kid, and also some I probably shouldn't have watched as a kid.
  7. systmdfect

    Near complete Magic: The Gathering Portal Threee Kingdoms collection + rare lands and more

    It's sad to see somebody part with there collection. I did it once over 10 years ago, and have regretted it ever since. I may be interested in those lands you have. Would you be willing to part or do you want to try and sell this as a lot first?
  8. systmdfect

    WTB: SNES Turtles in Time

    I opted not to go the SFC route. Apparently, the JP version is easier, and it's already a very easy game. I know there are less enemies, but not sure of other differences.
  9. systmdfect

    Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout Special or Real Bout 2????

    Right, but it still has "Fatal Fury Special" in the title of the game. I'm not trying to imply that it's a sequel. Just made a clarifying statement.
  10. systmdfect

    Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout Special or Real Bout 2????

    Well yeah, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special.
  11. systmdfect

    Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout Special or Real Bout 2????

    I'm a huge advocate for the original FF Special. But if you're talking about a friendly game between a group of people, RBS is easier to get into.
  12. systmdfect

    Baseball Stars 2 is on Steam

    I'm getting tired of these Dotemu releases. Not only is it just emulation, it's not even good emulation. Metal Slug 3 had such horrible sound with the pitch changing all the time.
  13. systmdfect

    FS: Neo Geo AES US/Euro Games (SOLD)

    Interested in replacing a couple of my JP carts with these. Incoming pm.
  14. systmdfect

    Nintendo NX: What you all thinking so far? Possible fail, or Nintendo's game changer?

    Better yet, they could just call it "Going Outside: The Game".
  15. systmdfect

    KGB's early Valentine bazaar -- homecarts for everyone!

    PM sent regarding SSIV and KoF98
  16. systmdfect

    Case for Lazy Finger PCB

    Interesting. I was just thinking of making some cheap aluminum enclosures, but this looks better. Pm incoming.
  17. systmdfect

    Magic:The Gathering

    Yeah, I saw those rumored spoilers a few days ago. At first, I was thinking that Wizards had finally doomed Magic if true. But then, I started to think about how this could actually really change the meta, for the better. I think Modern could greatly benefit from this. It would be nice to see a...
  18. systmdfect

    Magic:The Gathering

    Check this out. I had heard about this set in the past. Pretty crazy that the creator held onto these documents for so long.
  19. systmdfect

    Magic:The Gathering

    That deck looks pretty fun. I'm looking into building an Eldrazi ramp deck. Can't decide on mono green, green red, or Temur. If I do Temur, it would probably only be so that I could include a Kiora or two. It seems like people are finally finding ways to work Eldrazi into their decks in...
  20. systmdfect

    Magic:The Gathering

    So, I've been cataloging my collection so I don't have to go through binders and boxes to see what cards I have. I was working on a small lot of about 100 foreign cards. At the very end, I found a near mint Italian Karakas. I remember when I used to play in the 90s those were worthless. Can't...