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  1. jon713

    WTT: Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - Capcom Vs SNK 1

    Hello All, Capcom vs SNK 1 + Marvel Vs Capcom 2 are two games I would like to trade, these don't get much play time and would be best if they had a better home. I'd rather trade than sell but PM me if your interested. Send me what you have to trade other than the games below. Games I'm looking...
  2. jon713

    WTB: Ehrgeiz Jamma

    Street Smart Found! PM me...
  3. jon713

    FS: Naomi / MVS

    ALL SOLD THANK YOU ***SOLD*** MVS Samurai Shodown 5 Japanese Label: $55 shipped Capcom Vs SNK 2: $65 shipped Guilty Gear XX: $55 shipped SNK Vs Capcom KIT: $145 shipped (No mini marquee, Low Serial) Naomi PSU + PSU outlet power adapter: $60 shipped Last Blade 2 Japanese Label: $50 shipped GDROM...
  4. jon713

    FS: AES Games ALL *SOLD*

    ALL SOLD Thanks! ***SOLD***--------------------------------- Conversion: Ninja masters - $60 shipped no booklet just generic case SOLD AES (old style) stick: Works 100% - $35 shipped SOLD US: Riding Hero - $27 shipped SOLD Japanese: RealBout Fatal Fury - $75 shipped SOLD KOF98 - $90...
  5. jon713

    FS:MVS Loose Carts / Tekken Tag

    All 100% original boards NO BOOTs. Will test before shipping. Paypal GIFT option please. ------------ Other: Tekken Tag PCB 100% working with kick harness - $65 shipped ***------------------SOLD--------------------*** The king of fighters 99 (EN Scratched Label) RealBout Fatal Fury (JP Label)...
  6. jon713

    Super Neo 29 Dead Monitor or PSU???

    Hey everyone, well today while I was playing some bad dudes I noticed like a click/pop and the screen turned to this: I thought at first that my board had just gone out but I tested with some other boards and it still gave me the same result. I tested tekken tag but nothing not even sound. I...
  7. jon713

    FS: 4 MVS Carts

    The King of Fighters 99 (scratched serials): $30 shipped The King of Fighters 2000 (Nice English Label with serial): $40 shipped The King of Fighters 2001 (Repo Label): $30 shipped ------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Work 100% NO BOOTS all original...
  8. jon713

    SuperNeo29 Mounting Plates

    Hello All, Well I am missing the mounting plates for my superneo29. I recently bought some seimitsu sticks but I am missing this plate right here on both sticks. The plates that came with the sticks are not long enough. (This is a pic from my HyperNeo) I've looked around on focusattack...
  9. jon713

    FS: MVS stuff ALL SOLD!

    ALL SOLD Thank you! ***SOLD*** SNK vs Capcom Chaos PCB Marvel vs Streetfighter blue board (phoenixed) 2020 SuperBaseBall (English label) NeoGeo 4 Slot BaseBall Stars Professional
  10. jon713

    MVS Cart Red Warning Screen

    I've been wanting to take care of this problem for a while but haven't been able to get around to it. :annoyed: There only a few games that I have that give me this warning when I turn on my 4 slotter. Its kinda random if they play or not, or if they do play when I press the switch game button...
  11. jon713

    FS: PCB / CPS2 / Mobo **ALL SOLD**

    Selling some things to buy new things... :D ALL SOLD Thank you ----------------------------- Paypal GIFT only please Will ship overseas but buyer must pay for extra shipping. Will take pics upon request and will test items before shipping. ****SOLD**** Final Fight PCB CPS3 Cage...
  12. jon713

    FS: SVC PCB + Base Ball Stars Professional

    SVC Jamma PCB $65 shipped Base Ball Stars Professional $35 shipped Will post pictures tonite...
  13. jon713

    WTB: Atomiswave Motherboard *FOUND*

    Send me a PM :D
  14. jon713

    WTB: AES + MVS + Various PCB's

    Rygar and Shinobi **--------------------FOUND-------------------** AES (Japanese Only) King of fighters 94 King of fighters 97 MVS Original or Boot of Baseball stars 2, as long as it works 100% (No Kits) Also looking for Bad Dudes PM me...
  15. jon713

    FS: Galaxy tab 10.1 (16g) Minty **SOLD**

    Hello all, I bought this around September and been noticing that I hardly use it because of my iphone. Comes with a leather case and USB adapter which I had to pay separate for. I've only used it a few times and looks brand new. It works perfect and has a flawless screen. Comes in its original...
  16. jon713

    Finally own an AES

    Today I decided to gather up a crap load of old games that I had lying around and take them to the local classic game store to trade them in. Bunch of gamecube, ps2, and Xbox, games with a gamecube console. When I got to the store, I noticed that they still had a neogeo for sale but for $320...
  17. jon713

    SFIII 3rd Strike Cab Club Banner

    I read around the arcade showroom threads that it would be cool to create a banner for 3rd strike cab owners. Well here is one I created. (I dont have a 3rd strike cab) :( Let me know what ya guys think.... Large: Small:
  18. jon713

    FS: SOLD

  19. jon713

    FS: Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 MVS (English Cart)

    Holographic (very faint) $50 shipped