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  1. chris1

    Universe Bios 4.0 MVS/AES released!

    Wow great work..
  2. chris1

    Neo Geo Link-Up Feature Glossary info question.(MODS/SHAWN)

    Also check-ask here... several of the members have been linking lately..whom are also members here..
  3. chris1

    What Neo Geo Game/s are you playing? Weekly/daily check.

  4. chris1

    Neo Geo Link-Up Feature Glossary info question.(MODS/SHAWN)

    Please if you have any,Add more info to the topic for future Linkers..
  5. chris1

    Picked up an empty Big Red

    Ah I remember when I wanted one of those so bad...
  6. chris1

    Unofficial MVS and AES Price Guide

    Thank you..
  7. chris1

    Best place to replace cabinet glass?

    I need a piece of glass for my Street Fighter II CE...before doing that anyway to get scratches out of the glass?
  8. chris1

    Neo Geo Link-Up Feature Glossary info question.(MODS/SHAWN)

    Excellent .. Thanks for the link vectorman
  9. chris1

    Neo Geo Link-Up Feature Glossary info question.(MODS/SHAWN)

    I got old,3 kids later but still fully into the NEO GEO ,kids just enjoying playing it more then I have the time to today ..: )
  10. chris1

    Neo Geo Link-Up Feature Glossary info question.(MODS/SHAWN)

    I had linked up an AES to MVS..but you have to have a unibos chip in one of the systems to change the setting to Home Console on the MVS ..or MVS/Arcade if using an AES.. Sorry it's been a long time the Unibios setting name may be different....But both the AES and MVS have to match via both...
  11. chris1

    Dreamcast Kiosk

    Excellent got it shoot me a text when you're free .. Funny I haven't been here so long I had an old message about STV stuff I haven't had that stuff in years
  12. chris1

    Dreamcast Kiosk

    I hear you my friend, so busy and life trying to Make $$.. I have three kids now oldest (Chris1)14 years old now.. Look me up on Facebook Daryll Foti Yes I'm very interested in it .. i'm just not sure what I could offer you in trade ..
  13. chris1

    Dreamcast Kiosk

    Funny thing we probably know which other I just haven't been around here in a while I still have my Neo Geo stuff though. Just been really busy no time to come hang out Here
  14. chris1

    Dreamcast Kiosk

    This would be something that I would have showcased right in my living room . I live in Nutley, NJ 07110 I'm not sure how far I am from you .. I have to be honest with you I don't know what a OG Xbox is..(I'm getting old) .I have plenty of systems original Xbox ,modded Xbox , Halo Xbox systems...
  15. chris1

    Ninja Combat - No sound

    Can you post pictures of the boards both sides..
  16. chris1

    Give away time: MS3 or MS4 mvs

  17. chris1

    Candy Cab Toshiba monitor A59JMZ90X Part Needed

    Hey,it's been awhile.. Since I moved here my Neo Geo MVS Candy Cabs monitor flickers upon start up..Since this started years ago after moving the cab to this apt I figure something happened during the move.. I've went over everything possible in this cabinet and find nothing wrong,no loose...
  18. chris1

    Multicarts & Board / Slot Compatibility regards PCM sound

    I have a 161-1 in my 4 slot...with three original MVS carts in the motherboard.. So far everything seems to play fine...what I do notice is some of the games on the multicart are lower in volume then others on the cart,this noticed especially when the cab is in cycle-demo ..The low volume...