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  1. Mugicha

    shmup sale on steam!!

    as the title says^ Some damn good prices. edit: Crimzon Clover for $1.99 if you don't already have this, GET IT!!
  2. Mugicha

    SOLD: PGM stuff

    BUNDLE IS SOLD. Hello! I'm looking to let go of my PGM Collection.I love the Chinese Neo Geo but haven't had it hooked up for some time, and it deserves to be played. Prices include shipping. Shipping only in US. PGM mobo $90 Oriental Legend $60 Knights of Valor $60 Knights of Valor 2...
  3. Mugicha

    Who wants a region free DVD player?

    So I've got a region free DVD player I've had for a few years, it works great, but the only downside it that it uses component (which is not really a bad thing) but I'm looking to upgrade to one with HDMI. I've used this unit on my pvm with component and it looks gorgeous, however on my hdtv the...
  4. Mugicha

    SOLD: Carrier Air Wing CPS1

    Hey guys, I got a Carrier Air Wing pcb I'd like to sell. Played through it yesterday and I'm certain I will not need to do that again. Board is a little dusty, but plays like a champ. asking $120 shipped in conus. pp gift or goods with +4% for fees. SOLD I reserve the right to refuse sale to...
  5. Mugicha

    FOUND: Model 1 Genny

    Edit: found a unit. Thx for looking guys :) Herro, I'm looking for a Model 1 US genesis so I can get my Sega CD on. looking specifically for model 1 since my MD rgb cable is for use with the headphone jack. I could use the power brick, but I don't mind a loose console either. Somewhere in...
  6. Mugicha

    Happy B-day Lem!!!

    Wishin a happy birthday to our resident citrus-scented modder, and all around loveable guy. Kick back with a Dew my friend, I'll raise a glass of Mugicha for ya! happy b-day buddy.
  7. Mugicha

    Happy B-day EllertMichael

    Happy B-day to our resident Shmup-playing, Shirt Maker Extraordinaire!! have a good one buddy, have some fun with the pew-pews!!
  8. Mugicha

    Happy B-day Lantus!!

    Lan ol buddy, have a good one :D
  9. Mugicha

    Happy Birthday Lithy!!

    Happy B-day Lith, I'll raise a glass of mugicha to you this day, with wishes of good health and happiness!
  10. Mugicha

    meetup thread name change

    Dear mods, so the thread I started for a specific meetup event has evolved into a broader meetup setting for multiple events and I was wondering if it would be possible to get a name change for the thread, to something like: NC/SC Meetups or Carolinas Meetup Thread. I didn't wanna bug the...
  11. Mugicha

    The Box Art Collective

    A thread to display and discuss our favorite game packaging artwork. Show it all!! Any System!! Box, sleeve, actual disc, whatever!! Flyers too!! Serious, funny, cool, don't matter, just show us what you like. I suck ass at it, but I absolutely love the artwork for DOJ
  12. Mugicha

    (Found) Mugi's WTB PGM thread

    Hello! So DubDub is hooking me up with a PGM mobo, and I'm gonna need some games! I'm looking for: (listed by most wanted) Knights of Valor 1 and 2 Martial Masters The Gladiator (kind of a long shot on that one) anybody got some spare carts? hopefully in the US? thx for looking :) edit...
  13. Mugicha

    [Solved]Issues with Blast City Sound, Naomi i/o

    hey guys, I'll try to break this down so it doesn't become a tl;dr. I've had the naomi running fine in my blast for a while now. Today I took it out to put in Lemony's DC padhack box. I was having an issue with button input on that, so at Lem's suggestion, I waited till after the DC was on and...
  14. Mugicha

    [The Change-Up] June, Rage of the Dragons, Martial Masters

    Welcome back to the Change-Up for June. Familiar Fighting Games w/ Unfamiliar Characters. We are Featuring Rage of the Dragons on Neo, and Martial Masters on PGM this month. We will also have a "Bonus Round" game with Strip Fighter 2 on PC Engine :keke:, so give it a shot if you have...
  15. Mugicha

    [The Change-Up] MAY Fighting games of the month

    Welcome! So we are trying something a little different here. This month we will be playing X-men Children of the Atom and World Heroes. What we are trying here is using characters you are not comfortable/familiar with. So here's how this is gonna work. This is not a competition. The...
  16. Mugicha

    New Phoenix Wright Prequel announced!

    The new game is supposed to take place during the Meiji era. Ever since Rurouni Kenshin and the Last Blade, I've found that period to be very interesting. I'm a big fan of the series, they can be nonsensical at times, but the writing and localization usually do a pretty good job of keeping me...
  17. Mugicha

    "Getting Out of Your Element" Fighting Game of the Month

    Hi guys I proposed an idea in another thread about playing Fighting games a bit differently than we are used to. basically the idea is we pick a game, we state who the main characters we use for that game are, or by playstyle (i.e. Ryu/Ken moveset chars). Then we pick characters we...
  18. Mugicha

    (FOUND) WTB - (1) used Sanwa JLF or similar stick

    Hey, I'm hoping one of you guys as an extra used Sanwa JLF or similar knock off that you don't need, condition isn't terribly important, little to no rust preferred but not a problem. This stick was from my Tatsunoko vs Capcom wii stick, I basically just need 1 more like this with the black...
  19. Mugicha

    Happy B-day Teddy KGB

    Have a great one buddy, may all the oreos be yours this day!
  20. Mugicha

    Raleigh: Fighting Tournament at Mugi's

    Hey guys, So some of you may have seen the thread Mitsurugi started about acquiring a full set of SSF2 tournament boards: Now we are looking to hold a Tournament themed meetup at my...