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  1. Dolphin

    Space Marine Demo

    Has anyone here demo'd Space Marine? After playing through the PC demo, I'm convinced the game looks very promising and will - for me - be a day-one purchase. I'm glad to see Relic try something new with the franchise.
  2. Dolphin

    WTB: CMVS System

    Hit me up with what you've got. I'd like to be able to acquire at least one controller of some type (ideally an old-style stick) with the system.
  3. Dolphin

    Warioware Made in Ore

    I can't seem to find a US release date for this title. Anyone know?
  4. Dolphin

    Original Prices for New MVS Cabinets

    Does anyone here know what arcade operators/owners paid for new MVS cabinets when the platform made its debut? The gold home system's launch price of $649.99 is relatively well-known, but I've never seen any sites or brochures that state what the original costs were for dedicated 1-slot...
  5. Dolphin

    GP2X F-200 - Anybody Have One? Anybody here have one? How does it stack up to the PSP as an emulation platform?
  6. Dolphin

    A Sub-Forum For Every Registered Member

    So, who's on board?
  7. Dolphin

    FS: US Dog-Tag Ninja Commando Home Cart

    It's closing in on two weeks and the high bidder of the following auction has not paid or even attempted to establish contact, so the game is essentially up for grabs: I'm asking $75.00 shipped domestic. If...
  8. Dolphin

    Delays When Shipping from U.S. to Canada

    I have a few shipments I recently sent to Canada via USPS Airmail Letter-Post that are taking quite some time to reach their recipients. All customs documentation was accurately and truthfully filled out, so I don't understand what the hold-up is. Has anybody else experienced a problem like...
  9. Dolphin

    Neo-Geo Home Cart eBay Total Liquidation Sale - 30+ Games & System

    Much of my collection has already been liquidated, but some good titles still remain: Hardware: Modified Home Cartridge System (auction ends 4/29/07):
  10. Dolphin

    Jammed SNES Cart Slot?

    I recently sold a used SNES system on eBay and now the recipient is now claiming the system's cartridge slot is "jammed" and that they can't insert game. Their descriptoin of the problem was no more thorough than that, unfortunately. I tested this system with multiple cartridges prior to...
  11. Dolphin

    Wario: Master of Disguise (more like disappointment)

    Did anybody else here make the mistake of impulse buying this game? Given that all the previous Wario platformers were quite good, I bought this title on a whim, only to discover that it's hobbled by cumbersome touch screen implementation and just all-around sub-par. This is easily the worst...
  12. Dolphin

    4MB "Turbo-Key" Sega Saturn Universal Import Adapter & RAM Cart

    I have one boxed, mint condition "Ultra Madness 4M Turbo-Key" for sale. This device is similar to the Saturn Pro Action Replay and allows you to play all import games, (USA< Japan, Europe) even those requiring 4M RAM carts. The cart also features 4 megs of back-up RAM for game saves. Please...
  13. Dolphin

    FS: Mega Key Sega Genesis Converter Cart

    I tried listing this on eBay only to have the auction cancelled, as it's apparently an evil, awful item that violates their "policy." Here's a link to pictures of the converter itself: I used this to play several JPN Mega Drive carts...
  14. Dolphin

    Numerous NGPC Games on eBay

    All games have BIN pricing and open at 0.99 with the exception of Rockman Battle and Fighters: US Puzzle Link US Bust-A-Move Pocket US King of Fighters R2 US Fatal Fury: First Contact US Metal Slug: 1st Mission US Metal Slug: 2nd Mission US Neo Turf Masters JPN Rockman Battle and...
  15. Dolphin

    Is Reliable?

    I'm in need of a battery housing for a Sega Nomad and this site claims to have it in stock: Has anybody here ever ordered from this outfit? Should they be trusted?
  16. Dolphin

    FS: DC-X Sega Dreamcast Import Converter Disc

    I tried listing this thing to eBay but backed off in the face of threatening messages stating things to the effect that I would have my account terminated and my name reported to "local law enforcement agencies" if I were to list something as dangerous as a DC-X disc for Dreamcast. The disc...
  17. Dolphin

    FS: Famicom GBA SP with 10 original Famicom GBA Re-Releases - All Items NEW!

    NOTE: Item shuffled off to eBay: I originally purchased these items "brand new" from NCSX in early 2004. Since that time they've went unopened and unplayed, and I figure it would be wise to pass...
  18. Dolphin

    FS: JPN KoF 1996, KoF 2000, Sengoku 2001, & AOF 3

    Here's a picture of a lot of cartridges I currently have slated for immediate sale: (note: the TSS cartridge has been posted for sale in another thread, accompanied by information relevant to its sale) If interested in any of these cartridges, send me an offer either via PM or directly by...
  19. Dolphin


    See link for details: If you're interested in a direct sale, act fast, as this true and desirable rarity will be headed to eBay within 48 hours of this posting should no offers be made! :multi_co:
  20. Dolphin

    FS: Complete, Mint Condition UK FASELEI NGPC Cart

    I have a complete, mint-condition UK Faselei! cartridge up for sale. An item image gallery will be posted soon. If interested, send a PM my way, ASAP!