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  1. Jedah Doma

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Saw the new Grinch movie with the kids. Like the movie before it, the entire plot is way too long. Sub-plots and characters added in just to pad the runtime. Not a terrible movie by any means, but painfully average. The original decades old TV special is still the best version by far.
  2. Jedah Doma

    My Niece Died In Utero

    I know that pain my friend. We lost our second child about 4 months in. I can only imagine how it would feel if the child was actually born. Having to go through all that and then lose the baby a month in is heart wrenching. I can only encourage you to be there with your family as support. Even...
  3. Jedah Doma

    Battle Circuit

    Much respect. What difficulty do you play Cannon Spike on? I did above average but was never a master. Still want to get better at it.
  4. Jedah Doma

    Actual, real Garou: MOTW 2 sprites revealed.

    Sad this never was a reality. MOTW is not only still one of my favorite SNK games but favorite fighting games as well. Now if only they had the same team and could do a sequel today. Hell borrow the engine from Draginball FighterZ and make it shine. I know it's not 2D sprites, but it would look...
  5. Jedah Doma

    Battle Circuit

    Nice! A whole lot better than I can fucking do. Shit now I need to play this game more.
  6. Jedah Doma

    SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Announced for Switch

    This looks extremely underwhelming.
  7. Jedah Doma

    Another weirdo with a youtube channel club - - new episode 11/27 - Evil Night!

    I'll make sure to check out your channel. Love the idea of exploring that M2 Konami arcade board. I've got a channwl myself that I'm in the process of restarting-ish. It's called Rocket Lawnchair. I did more livestreams but really want to switch my focus to shoutcasting and e-sports. Let me know...
  8. Jedah Doma

    Soul Calibur VI is amazing! Fighting game of the generation?

    I want to check it out, but nothing in the SC franchise has piqued my interest like 2. Though this game does look impressive and I like the new combat mechanics.
  9. Jedah Doma

    Nintendo Switch

    I played the old one for a bit and liked the concept, but couldn't get into it. Though I do dig they actually went with a full upgrade to the visuals instead of the "upscaled" approach other games use. How does it play in docked mode when you aren't able to use touch controls?
  10. Jedah Doma

    TCG/Collectible Card Game Thread

    Nice! Yea I'm just glad to see his face light up every time he plays. He's really enjoying it.
  11. Jedah Doma

    TCG/Collectible Card Game Thread

    Currently playing the new version of Cardfight Vanguard. Getting my 10 year into Pokemon. He went 2-1 in his first tournament! Was so excited for him.
  12. Jedah Doma

    FS/FT Custom Arcade Sticks

    He still offering these?
  13. Jedah Doma

    The Neo Geo mini is coming...

    This is so sad to see happen. Even after the Neo Geo X I had hope. But after now buying a lot of these games on the Switch and then playing them on a friend's mini, it's heart breaking. How do PORTS, fucking PORTS of games work, look, control, and sound better than the official Neo Geo machine...
  14. Jedah Doma

    Ronaldo Rape Allegations

    Edit: I evidently didn't get this was a joke and went all serious. Sorry for my autism. ^_^
  15. Jedah Doma

    Battle Circuit

    That's what I fear. Every time someone describes a new game as a "beat em up" I play it and am completely unimpressed. There's no more room for skill. It's a clunky mess that doesn't play right. Even though Bayonetta may be classified as a third person action game, the hit and attacks all have...
  16. Jedah Doma

    Kavenaugh hearings are on

    Whether he's innocent or not, which at this point I don't think we have sufficient proof he is guilty, the way he acted and his rhetoric in the hearings wer concerning. The week before he was calm and collected. He made it known he would be impartial and uphold the letter of the law no matter...
  17. Jedah Doma

    Battle Circuit

    I get where you're coming from, but you can tone down the disdain. My apologies as I didn't look where this was posted. Only saw it posted as I was browsing the new posts. In terms of gameplay, I'm a bit sad we more than likely won't see any sequel or spiritual successor that builds on both the...
  18. Jedah Doma

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    My goofy ass.
  19. Jedah Doma

    Happy birthday to the Kid

    May you be able to relax and do whatever the fuck you please. Happy birthday!
  20. Jedah Doma

    Ronaldo Rape Allegations