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  1. J0e Musashi

    Dolphin Blue Kit, Naomi, CPS2, Current Gen Games etc

    I've sent numerous PM and emails, but received no reply.
  2. J0e Musashi

    WTB: Final Fantasy IV. JPN PSP

    I ONLY want it to run under UMD Passport, so it must not have been used previously. I'd even be up for a lend of it if anyone would be so kind. I'd pay shipping both ways.
  3. J0e Musashi

    Atomiswave bits

    Just the box for an update kit. Consists of: Outer box, which has been bound in parcel tape, which I gather is because it was in poor condition (it's pretty decent now). Inner box (which is not bound in parcel tape), tray, which holds cart and artwork and pink anti-static bag. £15...
  4. J0e Musashi

    WTS: import PS3/PSP (JPN) and US Game gear games

    I'll take Hokuto Musou, if you'll ship it to the UK.
  5. J0e Musashi

    FS: Japanese Wii with 3 JP Wii Games and 3 JP GC Games $160 shipped

    Will you split the GB Player disc at all? I've lost mine and desperately need a replacement. It's pretty much a useless extra in your package anyway :) I'd prolly take SFA also, if you wanted to let that go too.
  6. J0e Musashi

    FS - PS/ PS3 /PS2 / PSP/ Saturn/ 3DO/PC-FX PC Engine/ Sega MD

    Does Y's I+II support English text?
  7. J0e Musashi

    KOF 94 Re-Bout

    Yeah, that Folco is one mean Photoshopper. :hammer:
  8. J0e Musashi

    FS: Swan Crystal, Wii Hori Stick and Boxed Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

    Is the PSOne yellowed or just dirty?
  9. J0e Musashi

    Hyper Roads Edge on eBay UK

    Xtreme Rally is harder to find than Beast Busters: Second Nightmare.
  10. J0e Musashi

    2 Neo Print Mobos on eBay...

    I've got Neo Print MVS carts, maybe I'll give one of these a try.
  11. J0e Musashi

    Hyper Roads Edge on eBay UK

    Wasn't aware it was super rare myself. Have had plenty opportunities to buy it.
  12. J0e Musashi

    FS: Super Pro Fighter Q 24meg [SNES copier] package + RetroN3 console

    Are there any games the SFPQ are not compatible with?
  13. J0e Musashi

    FS: Big Boss PSP bundle, BlazBlue:CS (PS3) *SOLD*

    Is BlazBlue the JPN version?
  14. J0e Musashi

    WTB PSP Go

    Added Demon's Souls.
  15. J0e Musashi

    WTB PSP Go

  16. J0e Musashi

    FS: 40 Japanese PS2 games, JP 360 stuff, plus

    I don't really understand this. If I'm paying the shipping fees, what difference does it make whether it's being sent within NZ or to the other side of the world? You've still gotta go to the PO anyway no? You have one game that I'd really like, but one game only. It seems a bit odd that you...
  17. J0e Musashi

    WTB PSP Go

    WTB JPN/Asian PSP Go and JPN Demon's Souls N-1000 or N-1006. PSP Go must be black. Demon's Souls must be the first print version. Only actually need the box and manual TBH.
  18. J0e Musashi

    Neo Mr. Do! Full artset

    Mint condition, includes original baggie. £20 plus shipping.
  19. J0e Musashi

    good cheap sidescroller beat em ups?

    None of those games will come particularily cheap.