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  1. NGCDFreak

    Becoming desensitized to insanity.

    I don't care anymore about Trump shit aswell.
  2. NGCDFreak

    Weekly Roundup 3-5-17

    Psone Random fighters.
  3. NGCDFreak

    Happy Birthday EW!

    Don't know who he is but happy birthday.
  4. NGCDFreak

    Game Gear

    Your free to try and would do the same to you aswell chink faggot.
  5. NGCDFreak

    Casual game shames/guilty pleasures

    I know thanks for reminding me.
  6. NGCDFreak

    Casual game shames/guilty pleasures

    I don't give a shit deal with it loser.
  7. NGCDFreak

    Game Gear

    Same goes to you cunt fuck.
  8. NGCDFreak

    Game Gear

    Yes do it.
  9. NGCDFreak

    My heart has been bugging me . . .

    Oh yeah nice drawings.
  10. NGCDFreak

    My heart has been bugging me . . .

    How can i upload my shitty drawings I'm having trouble doing it.
  11. NGCDFreak

    Casual game shames/guilty pleasures

    He's right.
  12. NGCDFreak

    The Comic Book Thread

    I buy DC(not anymore American comics are dead to me. )fuck Marvel.
  13. NGCDFreak

    SNK, Buriki One, and timeless principles of design...

    Was this game supposed to be on the psone?
  14. NGCDFreak

    Gundam/mech model kits!

    I used to collect Gundam models when I was like 13 kind of stopped when I entered high school it was a lot of fun building them i wouldn't mind getting back into it when I have the money and time.
  15. NGCDFreak

    Atomiswave carts WTB

    Me too, sorry for this post hope you get your games.
  16. NGCDFreak

    WTB: Cheap ass ngpc handheld.

    Just wondering if I can get a neo pocket color for cheap. Thanks i love this hand held and was stupid for giving my previous one away.
  17. NGCDFreak

    Should every American be allowed to vote?

    I'm a good example of why not every American should be allowed to vote.
  18. NGCDFreak

    Casual game shames/guilty pleasures

    I used to play Sengoku blade 2 and Gunbird 2 on my cell phone.
  19. NGCDFreak

    Bill Paxton dead at 61

  20. NGCDFreak

    Weekly Roundup 2-26-17

    Dreamcast Guilty Gear X Capcom vs SNK pro Psone KOF 99 Metal slug X