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  1. MKL

    Neo Geo AES rev1 - lower rating 4.25 on power transistor.

    The "green 7805" is in fact NOT a 7805, it's a transistor (2SB1135 if memory serves me well) as should be clear from the ECB marking.
  2. MKL

    Questions and doubts about the MV-1FZ Stereo mods

    And if you want to have the missing op-amp you can do this:
  3. MKL

    Find Potentiometer Size and Resistance? Hitachi GMK-29FS2

    502 suggests 5k ohm which is the same value as on the Nanao MS8 chassis so it makes sense. Clearly not all the pots will have the same marking. I suggest to desolder it and measure the resistance across the external pins as that gives the overall value. Maybe the pot is good and just needs a...
  4. MKL

    Questions and doubts about the MV-1FZ Stereo mods

    I see this thread only now as I had long stopped watching the forum when it was posted. The allegedly fixed version of my circuit posted above is based on misunderstandings and incorrect assumptions which I'm going show. The stereo circuit that commonly goes by my name and that the OP dismisses...
  5. MKL

    My long overdue Super Neo 29 restore project post

    Why didn't you putty the holes in the CP surround?
  6. MKL

    Colors are bleeding on Neo Geo Aes

    Pin 64 of the LSPC2 is the 50-60Hz pin. Grounding (what the zero ohm resistor/jumper does) or leaving it unconnected (as on MVS boards) sets 60Hz. Tying it to 5V (bridging the pads in the white square) sets 50Hz. I don't think there is any benefit in leaving the resistor vs removing it. Still...
  7. MKL

    Video board knobs missing You need to choose wisely.
  8. MKL

    Missing SMD part on MV-1B

    Those parts are only needed for coin counters.
  9. MKL

    Blast City Club

    Definitely not in working condition.
  10. MKL

    Blast City Club

    If you have a multimeter set it to 200V DC and check voltage at the fuse to the right of the flyback (when you look at it from behind the monitor). Black lead on the heat sink, red lead on one side of the fuse and then on the other. If you don't read 180V, it's not working. This is a 2930 btw.
  11. MKL

    Blast City Club

    They are coils used for filtering the outputs of the power supply. They have always been there and are not directly related to a color loss.
  12. MKL

    1-Slot Volume Pot part #?

    Shipping from Digikey is expensive for a single part. These would be cheaper:
  13. MKL

    1-Slot Volume Pot part #?

    For a 1A you need a 1Kohm trimmer with 5x5mm pin arrangement.
  14. MKL

    Sega Mega Drive / Genesis OEM PSUs - capacitor failures

    That's just glue to hold the cap in place.
  15. MKL

    CRT Fetish Thread

    That issue is briefly mentioned here (column 2, lines 1-11): The document is reviewing an obsolete design that was used in TVs older than 1980 (the only arcade monitor I know of with such a circuit is the...
  16. MKL

    CRT Fetish Thread

    The idea that geometry distortions are ironed out by replacing electrolytic capacitors here and there is as untrue as it is popular in retrogaming communities (that consist largely of people that don't understand much about CRT operation). If anything the caps that in some cases may be held...
  17. MKL

    K7000 chasis mystery part

    It's the plastic cap at the end of the tube neck, where the neckboard goes. What's important is that the tube is not cracked and the pins are straight. The disc is a further measure against X-rays in a point where the tube is weak in this respect, i.e. the anode cavity. However most flybacks...
  18. MKL

    MV-1A stereo mod/5v question

    And why do you think that trace is cut in the above pic?
  19. MKL

    12v on MV1FZS
  20. MKL

    AES 3-5 with reversed headphone audio

    SNK's fix on 3-6 boards consists of swapping the legs of two resistors: The same can be done on 3-5 boards but I find it odd that the lines are reversed as 3-5 and 3-6 differ exactly in how the traces are routed to the two resistors.