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  1. Ninjainspandex

    FS: Sega CD Games

    got my robo aleste wanted to thank you in PM but cant send u Pms for some reason, Thanks bud!
  2. Ninjainspandex

    FS: Ultimate Guide to the NES 2nd ed. (NEW) $55 shipped

    in the level 19 or 29 bracket?
  3. Ninjainspandex

    WTB: Cannon Spike, Panzer Dragon 1/2, Nights, castlevania bloodlines

    I like that this seller left the 25 cent sticker on, what an asshole :lolz:
  4. Ninjainspandex

    Wanted: NES CLassic Edition.

    Now i definitely have no qualms about pirating Nintendo games, everdrive for life
  5. Ninjainspandex

    FS: US Metal Slug 3

    I wasn't aware that getting shot gave you an instant seizure
  6. Ninjainspandex

    Samurai Shodown 6 is coming to PS4 11/22

    When will they ever bring Capcom Vs SNK 2 to the PS4 with online matchmaking?
  7. Ninjainspandex

    Sun fade on Neo Geo Cup 98?

    Definitely sunfaded. Throw it in the trash, it is unplayable now.
  8. Ninjainspandex

    FS Ultimate Guide To The NES. Brand new $55 shipped

    I wish there was a PC Engine and Sega Saturn version of this book
  9. Ninjainspandex

    Genesis VS SNES - which was the best?

    My life is pretty busy and the Genesis has more quick pick up and play games, so I find myself enjoying it more. That and the PC Engine, Neo Geo and Sega Saturn
  10. Ninjainspandex

    Genesis VS SNES - which was the best?

    depends what you like, if RPGs are your thing the SNES is the obvious winner, if you are into arcade beat em ups and shooters the Genesis is the obvious choice.
  11. Ninjainspandex

    FS: 40 MVS titles - Sunday Morning 10am

    I read this as "what kind of sex are we buying" maybe it was intentional? Certainly got me to click.
  12. Ninjainspandex

    Who you going to vote for between Trump and Hillary?

    Sorry Ron Johnson is a senator in my state, I often get their names confused.
  13. Ninjainspandex

    Who you going to vote for between Trump and Hillary?

    Why only two choices? Trump or Hillary? I am voting Ron Johnson, I am not taking part in this retard fest.
  14. Ninjainspandex

    Stupid shit we collect

    Over the past year or so I have sort of started collecting headphones. So far I have Audio Technica AD900x Audio Technica AD2000x Audio Technica A2000x Phillips SHP 9500 Hifiman HE 400S Beyer Dynamic Custom One Pros PSB M4U2 (noise cancelling for traveling) Beyer Dynamic DT990s Sennheiser...
  15. Ninjainspandex

    I hate the Snes, it's a piece of crap

    Super Mario World is such a bland boring game, hell it is a downgrade in graphics and gameplay from SMB 3 on the NES. What happened to all the power ups and crazy levels? Why people love that game I have no idea. Yoshi's Island on the otherhand is a god damned masterpiece, but it isn't a true...
  16. Ninjainspandex

    Everdrive GBA Group Buy

    It is there, it is in the World rom folder, the rom of tetris is the same worldwide.
  17. Ninjainspandex

    Everdrive GBA Group Buy

    I just got mine today and had been using the EZ Flash, yes it is worth the upgrade. The EZ Flash is decent but its biggest flaw is that each rom has to be patched via a client program onto the memory card. Doing an entire romset would literally take days to do and would be incredibly tedious...
  18. Ninjainspandex

    Everdrive GBA Group Buy

    WW Twisted has a rom hack to allow you to use the d pad instead of the built in gyro[Motion_Sensor_Fix]_ips_patch/6
  19. Ninjainspandex

    Everdrive GBA Group Buy

    buying two means link cable fun ;) , just saying
  20. Ninjainspandex

    Everdrive GBA Group Buy

    Pelican made a controller called the retro pad, can usually be found much cheaper. But even that seems to be on the rise in price