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    Clean Blast City converted from a Bass Fishing. Clean cab, BF bracket removed and all holes capped. Both speakers work. Marquee light works. Original BC creme coinslot. Working coin mech with original BC coin bucket. Repro instruction sheet and marquee placeholder (blue part). Original Sega...
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    Ebay!! Opinions wanted.

    Ok, I fk'd up. I bid on an item and won. After closer inspection of the photos, I realize that the item isn't as described. I email him and tell him that I cannot pay because it isn't what he says it is. I get this reply: 'Regrettably you have completely wasted my time. Why do you think I...
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    What does a smile mean to you?

    I'm so used to getting snobbish looks from good looking girls so today was a shock to my system. Got my Subway club and was walking to the door. Noticed a doll at the end of the line that looked at me, so when I got to the end of the line, I looked at her again and she smiled at me. Caught...
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    Terminator 2 Animation Video

    Kinda neat vid. a4mWyeVitNQ
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    How to troll a dating website.

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    FS: Starship Trooper Morita kit

    Just thought I'd throw this out there, you never know if someone is interested in more than video games. I have a Starship Troopers Morita fiberglass kit that I don't have time to build. Anybody wanna buy this?
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    This is a one of a kind piece

    :lolz: h4GYg-5AdRw
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    Kick Harnesses

    Anybody know what these kick harnesses are for? a) b)
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    I was adjusting the v-size and h-size because my monitor was going crazy because I set it at a crazy resolution it couldn't support. Then it went POP! Now nothing! Have I killed it? It is a nanao 2931 HELP!!!!
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    FS: Blast City Generic Instruction Card

    Printed a repro instruction card on thick glossy paper. Width is fine but the length came out about .5 inch too short. I think it will look fine if you back the sides with some black paper. $15 shipped in the US. Overseas please inquire first.
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    WTB: Blue Case Giga Wing CPS-2

    I have an A board on the way. I need something to play now. Anybody have one they'd want to sell?
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    Massachusetts town votes to keep arcades illegal

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    SOLD: Blast City CP Overlay

    Had a couple left over. This is a hybrid Blast/Astro CP overlay. Self adhesive laminated vinyl. sold Sorry, but I do not have instruction sheet inlays.
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    Trailer Park Boys

    Is on Netflix. I just watched first three episodes and laughed my ass off. How did I miss this one?
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    SOLD: Sega 001 loom (600-7143-001) for Blast City

    The edges have are chipped, but there is no way to mis-seat the edge connector. It simply will not go in if mis-aligned. Once it is seated though, it is a very snug fit. SOLD
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    Sticker Removal?

    Anybody knows what this says and should I remove it or leave it on?
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    Blast City Club

    I became a member today. So I shall have plenty of noob questions for you guys! 1) I got a Soul Calibur PCB. Plugged it into the jamma harness and it works. Can you change the resolutions or is it set? I just want to be sure I am running at max potential. 2) Important to me. I hooked up...
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    This is not porn.

    Great photos!
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    Blast City Kick

    In prep. for the new cabinet (gawd, I hope Ken doesn't disappoint), I've been researching the kick harness. First of all, I don't want to rewire much at all. I plan on using this cab for a few jamma boards and mame. I figure I should get this to complete the control panel...
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    please delete

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