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    Karnov's Revenge Review

    US Title: Karnov's Revenge Japanese Title: Fighters History Dynamite By: Data East Year: 1994 Size: 122 Megs Home Release? Yes MVS Release? Yes CD Release? Yes Fighter's History Dynamite (A.K.A Karnov's Revenge) was the sequel to the very mediocre (although to many a guilty...
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Checking in! First time logging in since 2018, I think. Anyway, alive and well but put on some weight lol. Gonna have to try and drop some lbs during this crazy time. Hopefully everyone's staying safe (and sane) wherever you are.
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    Metal Jesus Rocks on Youtube

    No love for these guys? My Life In Gaming Gaming Historian HappyConsoleGamer StopSkeletonsFromFighting I also enjoy NESComplex and MichaelBGameGenie as smaller underrated YouTube gaming channels.
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    Is the retro gaming “fad” dying down?

    Wow, the even crazier thing is he has 115 patrons. Now maybe most of those 115 are on the $1 a month plan but wow, the tiers are pretty funny indeed.
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    Three coffee table comprehensive SNES books by three different gamers

    Jeffrey Wittenhagen wrote and published the first comprehensive SNES book. Because I contributed to it, I received a copy of it. It's definitely a massive labor of...
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    Happy Birthday Ghost-Dog and Steve

    Thanks guys! Sorry, just checking in finally. Fucking turned 35. Gah. Feels weird to be honest. No longer can check that 25-34 demographic box. Oh well, lol.
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    A tribute to my favorite X-Men: The Animated Series episode, Nightcrawler, which turns 23

    years old today! Originally aired May 13, 1995. I've recreated the episode in its entirety through written and picture form for anyone who wishes to relive this fantastic episode, or even view it for the very first time. The transcription is 99% accurate, with minor liberties added which I could...
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    Secret of Mana remake - the end of an era

    I'll never forget the first time I saw that. I damn near fell out of my chair.
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    Secret of Mana remake - the end of an era

    HappyConsoleGamer liked it at least...
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    Any 16-bit puzzle games better than Tetris Attack in your opinion?

    Lot of good title drops in this thread. Yes, Super Puyo Puyo is pretty badass, especially the last SFC version which houses a 4 player mode. Panic Bomberman also has a 4 player mode. Keeper is loads of fun but pretty obscure in the grand scheme of things. Good to see another Soukoban fan. My GF...
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    Any 16-bit puzzle games better than Tetris Attack in your opinion?

    I recently started playing Tetris Attack with my GF and we're hooked. We meant to play a quick match or two this past weekend and before we knew it, two hours passed and it was 2 AM. Any 16-bit puzzle games you believe are better than TA? Any TA memories/rants also welcomed. Damn is it a fun...
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    Jaleco back in the day (quality company)

    Jaleco is often linked with Super Bases Loaded but in reality TOSE developed those games. Jaleco only published them. At any rate, Super Bases Loaded 2 on SNES is underrated AF. One of my favorite baseball games on the system.
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    Super Metroid is the best game on the SNES

    You made some good points. I should clarify. The SNES' 11-20th best games rank extremely well against any other system's top 10 up to the mid '90s. However, I still feel their top 11-20th best games still stack up (relatively) well against any other system's top 10, especially if we're looking...
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    Why is Street Fighter Alpha 2 better than SFA3?

    I too prefer Alpha 2 (especially Gold on the Saturn). But Alpha 3 is also a shit ton of fun. Nice to have both options available! They're different enough too where it justifies having both. Alpha 1 really suffers because for me personally I can't think of a reason to return to it. Alpha 2...
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    Jaleco back in the day (quality company)

    Iron Commando was such a massive disappointment for me. I always found Rival Turf to be not as bad as many made it out to be, and I always had a bit of a thing for Brawl Brothers. Peace Keepers US port was pretty piss poor but still a very playable game. I have yet to play Tuff Enuff but heard...
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    Super Metroid is the best game on the SNES

    QFT. I always believed that if you take the Super Nintendo’s 11th-20th best games, it would stack up well against any other system’s top 10. That’s how crazy good its library is. And yes, the top 10 SNES games overall are some of gaming’s finest, period.
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    Switched: How Nintendo Won Me Back

    I haven't played many games that came out in the last 15 years or so. Don't have a PS4 or an XBox One. Never bother to buy the PC version. Now that I have a Switch and the port is relatively competent (some will say downright impressive all things considered), why not? Switch is great for those...
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    offical wwe thread

    Raw 25 blew. Reminded me to lower expectations on the Rumble tomorrow night. But I still have high hopes for NXT Takeover tonight.
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    Super Metroid is the best game on the SNES

    Objectively, it just might be. The only thing that comes close is Link to the Past IMHO. FF III and Chrono Trigger are great too but Super Metroid has the edge on replayability. Btw Devil, thoughts on Final Fight 2 and 3? You said the original is your favorite game of all time.
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    Switched: How Nintendo Won Me Back

    Let me preface this by saying I have not bought a game system in nearly 12 years. In fact, for the last 12 years I would say 95% of my game playing has been via the SNES. I don't hate "modern" games. I just never cared enough to buy the systems and thus, I missed out on most games released in...