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  1. Phyeir

    How long will this amiibo craze last?

    Good fucking lord. And its no degrees outside around here. All that... For a $13 plastic trinket...
  2. Phyeir

    Lenovo pre-loads select laptops with now-hackable adware. YAY!

    The program is called Superfish, it was intended to display related ads in browser, but it acts as a middle man, similar to some malicious adware or trojan programs. Customers have been complaining for a few months, but now that word has leaked that it's been cracked, people are for some reason...
  3. Phyeir

    Good God...this weather is really taking its toll on everyone...

    Everything is saying it's 10 degrees outside, but I think its filthy, filthy lies. Especially once that wind starts up, any heat you had generated even in a good wool coat is getting sucked out of you.
  4. Phyeir

    Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) to direct new Alien movie

    Neill Blomkamp deserves a shot at it, his prior films have been solid and you have to ask yourself... would you rather this goes to Michael Bay or any of the other insert my name loudly in the last 2 seconds of the trailer directors?
  5. Phyeir

    Last Generation Gaming - What you should buy now before it gets insane

    It's been slowly increasing over the years in price as word of its rarity has spread. People want it now because rare. The general survival/horror desire in the whole of the gaming market has helped juice the price, too. It's not even that great of a game. The playability for me was to the...
  6. Phyeir

    Weekly Roundup: Valentine's Day edition

    PS4 #killallzombies Guilty Gear Xrd PS3 Ar Tonelico Qoga Vita Deception IV
  7. Phyeir

    As much as I hate selfie culture...

  8. Phyeir

    Crappy canceled TV shows

    Looking back on it now, Prison Break ended up being pretty crappy over its total life. They should have either just kept it a one season show or maybe done it in a serial style show. Give a new setting & circumstances of a breakout, some seasons they make it, others they don't... it could work...
  9. Phyeir

    New 3ds early adopters thread

    How are you guys finding using it with the card slot and the power button being on the bottom edge? I've always used the bottom edge in my grip, so I imagine that I'd get a system and be shutting down/shooting the cart out every time I stop thinking about it.
  10. Phyeir

    Crappy canceled TV shows

    They basically ran through the That 70's Show plot lines from a season or two in like 6 episodes... and set in the 80's. I don't know how they thought something that derivitive would take off.
  11. Phyeir

    PSN Flash Sale - Ends 02/16/15

    Holy shit! That is a STRONG flash sale! Thx for the heads up, mate!
  12. Phyeir

    FS: Amiibo bundle

    To the buyer, enjoy your tulips!
  13. Phyeir

    Good God...this weather is really taking its toll on everyone...

    Pretty much buried at my condo complex now. We're going to have to get heavy equipment in this week likely to take away the piles, cuz we're completely out of space to put this stuff.
  14. Phyeir

    NGP/NGPC Sales and Auction Thread.

    You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir.
  15. Phyeir

    Club Nintendo shutting down

    Nintendo is too busy trying to drive off the free advertising & community involvement from Youtube to make a working webpage.
  16. Phyeir

    Internet and the degradation of modern culture?

    Nope. We were even discussing that at work about dealing with clients, everybody nowadays either A) has email to their phones or B) has their number and texts. It's not that people so much want to have a discussion and communicate, they want to get their thoughts out right then & there, with...
  17. Phyeir

    NGP/NGPC Sales and Auction Thread.

    That makes sense. This is why I tend to avoid ROM plays, but couldn't source anything else for that game. May try it on a rombox now, just to see what I can do with it.
  18. Phyeir

    Good God...this weather is really taking its toll on everyone...

    Fallen snow with snow banks. Garages for scale.