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  1. Mugicha

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Yeah man, doing just fine, If you're still into the marquee game, I may have to hit you up at some point. I'm still rocking the ol' Display Card Space :lolz:
  2. Mugicha

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    beautiful artwork there brother.
  3. Mugicha

    Happy Birthday K'_127

    happy b-day K!
  4. Mugicha

    Happy Father's Day

    a little late but I've been working all day, shoutout to all my dad-homies here!
  5. Mugicha

    The NEW Market FAQ is coming....

    seems nice and streamlined Rot.
  6. Mugicha

    SOTM June 2017: Batsugun + 19XX

    Finally had a chance to sit down with these. Batsugun: Mugicha - 244,410 - 2- Jeeno - Mame 19xx Mugicha - Mosquito - 715,700 - 3 - Mame gotta keep at it!
  7. Mugicha

    E3 2017 - anything to look forward to?

    I saw Cuphead finally has a release date, and I'm happy I won't need to buy a bone for it. The Shadow of the Colossus remake looks gorgeous but I don't think I can buy that game a third time. Bloodstained looks like the Rondo remake on psp and therefore makes me want to vomit #sprytz4lyf
  8. Mugicha

    SOTM June 2017 Vote Thread

    I'm down with that, my focus will definitely be on batsugun, but I can see myself getting a few rounds in on 19xx.
  9. Mugicha

    SOTM May 2017: Ketsui

    I think this is it for me lol. This was actually my first time ever getting to stage 3 on 1 credit. sorry for the blurry img :( Mugicha - 3 -14,407,229 - tiger -mame
  10. Mugicha

    SOTM June 2017 Vote Thread

    Voted Batsugun. I'm ok with what I've played of 19xx, don't love it, don't hate it. Guwange has an amazing aesthetic, but I've tried and I cannot play it with normal arcade controls, I could only do the arrange 360 mode with the analog sticks :(
  11. Mugicha

    SOTM May 2017: Ketsui

    a slight improvement Mugicha - 2 -12,297,228 - tiger -mame
  12. Mugicha

    SOTM May 2017: Ketsui

    hey brother, not much just sucking at games like always.
  13. Mugicha

    Skycurser Pricing Revealed!

    Part of me would love to get this just to support the devs. I'd rather give these guys my money than NG dev team.
  14. Mugicha

    SOTM May 2017: Ketsui

    super lttp and I've always been shit at this game, but I wanted to enter before the end of the month Mugicha - 2 -10,496,696 - tiger -mame
  15. Mugicha

    Happy Birthday Lemony Vengeance

    Happy B-day ol friend. Hope it's a great one!
  16. Mugicha

    Blasphemous - 2D souls like game.

  17. Mugicha

    Blasphemous - 2D souls like game.

    got a chakan nostalgia vibe when I saw it too lol. If I could nitpick, I don't really dig the drill hat, but I LOVE everything else about this.
  18. Mugicha

    Blasphemous - 2D souls like game.

    dear god I have to play this.
  19. Mugicha

    Steam Winter Sale - Recommendations what did you get?

    so many good deals, I picked up most of my wishlist during the autumn sale so I went pretty light for this one. I got: Papers, Please (one of the most interesting games I've ever played) Shmups Skill Test Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser.' Was tempted to pull the trigger on Darius Burst as well...
  20. Mugicha

    Weekly Round up 12-25-16 Jeebus' birthday edition

    PS4 Destiny Project Diva PS3 Initial D Extreme Stage PC Papers, Please Steins Gate