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  1. stuffmonger

    For sale (at a steal price) naomi universal in so-cal.

    SOLD With the successful giveaway of my vf3 showcase, I have come to the conclusion, that I still have a couple games that I will never put into my gameroom, so I really have no reason to keep them or fix them up. So, what I have for sale at a give it away price is a naomi universal machine...
  2. stuffmonger

    supergun supplies for sale! Jrok / psu's

    Hi all. I was looking through some of my stuff recently and ran across a few things that I don't need or want anymore. I no longer have an interest in building consolized games since I have been going the dedicated route. First off, I have 3 never used Jrok v4 video encoders. They still have...
  3. stuffmonger

    Selling my Cyberlead in SoCal!

    Hi there everyone. I'm selling my Namco Cyberlead candy cab as I need the space in my gameroom for other games that I want to buy. Cyberlead is native JVS wiring, so it's perfect for a Naomi or other newer games. It also has a pcb on the back for a video output (though, I never really tinkered...
  4. stuffmonger

    A couple of cabs for sale in Long Beach, CA

    Hi all. It's been a little while since I've posted, and it's time that I need a little more space in my garage, so I'll be selling a couple working machines. First game is a Cinematronics: World Series: The Season. Works all the way. New repro overlay, controls cleaned and greased, and...
  5. stuffmonger

    Matsu's selling sanwa joysticks and buttons!

    These parts are being sold by Matsu here in so-cal. Please send all inquiries to his e-mail at You can also pm me, and I will be a go-between. Shipping is not included in the listed prices except on bulk orders (detailed below). (NEW) SANWA JOYSTICK JLF-TP-8YT...
  6. stuffmonger

    Sunset riders cab for sale!!! Downey, CA

    My neighbor needs to pay me back, so he's selling his cabs that I bought for him. The sunset riders cab is complete and original as far as I can tell. Includes game. - $300. video here more pics...
  7. stuffmonger

    Big red and NEO CANDY for sale!!! Downey, CA

    My neighbor Will needs to pay me back, so he wants to sell the cabs I bought for him. Starting off, there's the neo candy - SOLD FOR $450. Neo candy comes with a 4-slot mobo and 4 games (samsho 1, kof 95, kof 99, and magical drop 2). There is no front door or coin door. video can be found here...
  8. stuffmonger

    Stuffmonger's got a house, YO! (delayed until upgrades are done) 2009! Long Beach, CA

    I am in the process of buying a house, and now that I've had an offer accepted and will start escrow, I need to set something up. Plus, I haven't seen many neo folks around lately (with the exceptions of the couple I see daily). The last day of escrow will be early to mid-march, so let's set...
  9. stuffmonger

    Matsu's got some new EGRET 2's for sale!!!

    ...Well, new to you at least. A new shipment of egret 2 cabs came in, and Matsu's got to make some sales. Pricing is as follows: $895 for an as is condition egret 2 or $1200 for a fully reconditioned egret 2 Reconditioned cabs get a good cleaning before shipping out, come with new joysticks...
  10. stuffmonger

    Naomi or net city control panel wanted.

    Well, here I go again with this request. I need a control panel for my naomi universal. I've been using one from a friend's universal that wasn't getting sold, but since he might have a buyer, he needs it back. So, I am in need again. I'm willing to pay well for good condition (IE no cigarette...
  11. stuffmonger

    New arcade in simi valley!

    Hey everybody. It's been awhile. I come bearing news about an arcade opening in simi valley that looks to be very promising. Those of you on the shmups forum have probably already seen the thread about it, but I didn't see one here yet, and they do have many of the good neo fighters setup...
  12. stuffmonger

    How do I extend ribbon cables effectivelly

    Hello. I know this isn't about arcade hardware, but it's still a tech issue, and is the best place I know of for electronic tech info. How do I go about extending ribbon cables on electronics so that the buttons will still work? What I am trying to do is take the face of a bookshelf...
  13. stuffmonger


    Hello people. I've got some investments coming up, so I need to raise some funds. My first tantalizing treat for sale is a green capcom minicute.
  14. stuffmonger


    My friend Matsu has a lost world cab that he wants to sell. It's a nice looking cab and works all the way. Only problem is that the marquee is broken. As you can see, all the pieces are there, but it has some tape holding it together. Aside from that, it's a fresh cab. Buy up at a bargain price...
  15. stuffmonger

    WTB: Naomi universal parts

    Yo everybody. It's been awhile. I'm looking to buy a control panel housing for a naomi universal cab. I've got a wild riders cab, and I want to make it a 2 player, 6-button cab. I am willing to pay fair price for good merchandise, or I would also be willing to work out a cab trade perhaps (even...
  16. stuffmonger

    Japanese ps3's for sale!!!

    My friend Matsu has 3 sealed and brand new japanese ps3 60gb systems. He is asking $500 plus shipping for them. Send him an email: edit- that's 500 each, not 500 for the lot of 3 ;)
  17. stuffmonger

    F.S.> NEO-GEO MV-U4 candy-CAB

    Yo peoples. I'm selling My U4 cab to upgrade to an atomiswave SD. This cab I'm selling is very nice. Picture is great. I see no burn-in. The paint is nice and un-chipped. Also, since it it metal, there isn't much in the way of sun-fade. I have it setup for quarter play, so you can have your...
  18. stuffmonger

    WTB: wii games (jap and us)

    Ok, so I'm looking to buy a bunch of wii games. I'll just make a list of games that I know of and my current status on those games. (US) Avatar: the last airbender Barnyard - not really interested in this one much Blitz the league - not out yet bust-a-move bash - not out yet call of duty 3 -...
  19. stuffmonger

    MATSU'S EGRET 3 group order chance!

    Most of you know of Matsu as a trustworthy arcade importer located here in southern California. He has asked me to see if anybody would be interested in going in on a group order for Egret 3 machines. The machines will be Brand new, and the price is $4000 each. He says he'll be needing half...
  20. stuffmonger

    F>S> Soul Caliber 2 machine... BUY IT!

    I've got a listing up on e-bay for a soul caliber 2 arcade machine... it's in great condition. No burn-in, no chunks of wood missing, clean, etc... bid and buy ^_^.