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  1. abasuto

    Android-iOS shumps with controller support

    Anyone know any decent ones? Can't find a list online of controller optional shumps and have no idea how the hell people play a bullet hell via touch control. Thanks.
  2. abasuto

    Rename the War Room..The Love Room

    Too much negativity around here. It's unattractive.
  3. abasuto

    FS : Collection Sale : Atari Jaguar, 32X, SegaCD Front Loader ( more adding soon )

    Deciding to part with a large portion of my collection. I'll be added a lot more including NGPC, SNES, SMS...etc...bundles shortly. Inquire if I haven't put those up and interested. All prices include UPS shipping to mainland US. Outside US inquire. Paypal preferred, but open to money orders...
  4. abasuto

    Tourist / building buffs.

    What building / fountain is this ? Anyone know ?
  5. abasuto

    Abasuto's Collection

    *mostly reserved since I'm moving game rooms and dealing with splitting time between cities*
  6. abasuto

    Ichiro traded to the Yankees

    Too bad for the Yankees he's on the tail end of his career, but at least he'll have a chance for a ring now. Guy is one of the purest hitters in the history of the game. Started at nearly age 30 and still is close to 3,000 hits. Not a Yankees fan, but I'll root for him getting a ring...
  7. abasuto

    Why does Smokehouse own a gun ?

    Rabbits were practice for the war.
  8. abasuto

    Private aviation

    Last week I started the process of obtaining my private pilot license. Was shocked to learn how easy the process is. I'll have it in less than a month at my going rate. My fiance's father owns a Cessna and is a certified flight instructor, so there's hardly any cost involved. I've offered him...
  9. abasuto

    Eden's Aegis High Score Thread

    Any interest in getting this going ? Most shooter fans already know about it. If's free, it's awesome. Has a "heaven" mode which is easier than 90% of your manic shooters, but is still fun. Can do high scores in all three...
  10. abasuto

    Smoke'em if you got'em

    Guy accidentally drank from a cup of gasoline. Goes outside to light a cigarette. Extra crispy follows.
  11. abasuto

    Did no one care that Davy Jones bought the farm ?

  12. abasuto

    Tommy Morrison's Mugshot

    Fucking hell.
  13. abasuto

    I'm just going to leave this here for everyone

    More so than the dead fat man...check out the server.
  14. abasuto


    The little red phrase that says "a place for trolls" in red. Could we get that changed to "a place for trolls and caulk" ? :kekeke:
  15. abasuto

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Doctor Shroom

    Quality member,
  16. abasuto

    Unlike the angry McDonalds woman who caught a pipe beating

    This chick won't be suing due to a mild case of bullet in the head. Homeowner was an outstanding citizen and won't be charged, as he shouldn't.
  17. abasuto

    Am I the only one deeply disturbed by this ?

    You know good and well this was no accident. They're part of the Wall Street big boys and purposely tried to prevent communication to cockblock a protest against what could be their interest.
  18. abasuto

    2011/12 NFL Thread

    Searched and didn't see one. Although the NFL talks seems to only get active come the playoffs. After two games....thoughts. Detroit Lions : For real ? Sure they haven't beat anyone worth bragging about, but their passing game looks serious and they can force turn overs. Packers will no doubt...
  19. abasuto

    Street Fighter style arcade cab

    Since I've began my seach for a different cab, I've decided to attempt to sale this one off before hand. What I've always heard called a "generic street fighter cab". The monitor is flawless. Crisp, bright colors, zero burn in. The PSU was recently replaced. The buttons/sticks feel great and...
  20. abasuto

    Abasuto's stuff's gotta go thread..(VB, Jaguar, Saturn..etc)

    I've been debating clearing out some stuffs, but a $943 ER bill combined with a $650 car repair gave me the push to sell to recoupe some of the unexpected spending. I've tried to do research to offer what I consider good deals, though all prices are open to haggles. All prices include...