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  1. FinalbossNYC

    FS- MVS carts and Shock Boxes,JNX adapters

    Havent been here forever and want to sell to the community rather than ebay- I dont keep up on prices so PLEASE Dont bite my head off - I have no problem adjusting prices if I'm way off and the community agrees it should be lower, Thank you in advance for you help. Want to sell it all. Paypal...
  2. FinalbossNYC

    Neo Cab - Arcing sound came from behind Monitor

    Today I was play testing some games I got in a "lot" recently when the game screen cut off to black with some lines off to the side I believe when suddenly I heard what sounded like Electrical Arcing. I quick opened the coin door and shut off the Cab (A Neo 4slot cab running a 6slot board)...
  3. FinalbossNYC

    Portland Area Peeps?

    Having moved even further away from NYC I'm looking some folks to chat with or even meet up with locally, I'm in the NW section not far from the Pearl district and have been here for 1 year. (Also I need to beg ROT for a name change any clue on how I go about that ?):help:
  4. FinalbossNYC

    WTT Trade Pandoras Box3 HD for non HD

    ITEM IS NO LONGER AVALIBLE I just got this ps3 style PB3 in the mail and its the HD version for CRT and LCD it won't run on my MVS Cab so if any one wants to trade for a Non HD of any Pandoras 3 or 4 PM me. US preferably so we both don't pay too much shipping. Thanks.
  5. FinalbossNYC

    Neo BomberMan cart "RePaired" ?

    dude said this is a "repaired" Neo Bomberman cart I checked the board Scans at and besides the Eproms theres not supposed to be a chip in C5. Is this just a Boot on a SNK board set?
  6. FinalbossNYC


    I recently bought the top 4 slot Marquee and it came with the Bottom pictured Single window Marquee and Id like to give it away to another member that might need it. Shipping is only cost unless you come to So Cal to pick it up. It says the weight shipped to me was 3 lbs 7.oz so I figure it will...
  7. FinalbossNYC

    MVS 6 Slot Dropping Sound

    I have a 4 slot Cab Running a Japanese 6 Slot MVS board and I've noticed that lately when in attract mode the sound will stop working , sometimes (rarely so far) it will have no sound at start up. The time duration is varied so I'm not quite sure if its some matter of the Caps heating up as I...
  8. FinalbossNYC

    MVS Cart with Bad sound after cleaning

    I got this clear blue copy of Real Bout Special in the mail a few days ago and the game plays great and the FX sounds are fine (best I can tell) but the music is chopped up and just awful. After spending a couple nights reading threads and watching Youtube I opened it and cleaned the connection...
  9. FinalbossNYC

    My First MVS Cabinet Hooray !!

    I just got my new MVS 6 Slot and i love it !!! I had an AES console with about 40 games over a decade ago but sold it off to help a friend and to help take my wife on our Honeymoon to Paris. I also had a MAME Cab for a long time but this is the real deal. id love to find a Memory card board and...