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  1. beelzebubble

    trusty bell - eternal sonata impressions

    i'm about 3 hours in. +art style +combat system +difficulty level -typically linear -typically gay anime characters -lack of enemy variety overall it's a nice game, not great and no blue dragon.
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    first ace combat 6 trailer

  3. beelzebubble

    the darkness : executions vid

  4. beelzebubble

    folksoul, hmmmm...not so much.

    i was planning on grabbing this but the demo has turned me off it a bit. -looks open but is actually a bunch of invisible wall corridors outside with a minimap on the screen. -each area is small and you go through "doors" which are arbitrary points where you move from one area to another, i...
  5. beelzebubble

    7 new minutes of bioshock! omg!

  6. beelzebubble

    forza 2 - gush time!

    i'm not going to bother gushing actually. let's just say it's awesome. the whole tuning, decal, upgrading system is really really well done. the graphics are a solid good (8/10) and compared to the dirt demo are more in line with my taste with the more realistic proportion of everything and...
  7. beelzebubble

    sony gamer's day : the hypometer!

    i just plowed through the truckload of vids from gametrailers and for no good reason wanted to rate my hype for the big games from 1-10 (forgive me i'm bored and interested in what everyone else thinks). my ratings are based purely on sony gamer's day footage. lair : 5/10 - looks nice but i'm...
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    1up's retronauts podcast : neo-geo

    link to d/l page.
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    want to see forza 2 in action?

    55 minute demo of most game features and the like. EDIT - direct feed vids: video 1 video 2 video 3 video 4
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    crazy japanese 360 game! dragons! werewolves! nazis! turn based!

    think i'm shitting you?!?!
  11. beelzebubble

    .march NPD numbers.

    from neogaf's sony cowboy nintendo owns the u.s too?!? edit: sony's reasoning for the ps3's low numbers:
  12. beelzebubble

    march hw sales, nintendo owns japan!?!

  13. beelzebubble

    "new" street fighter game!!

    from team xbox:
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    86-87 cinar wizard of oz "anime", please help!

    i've found torrents of french and chinese versions and a japanese language bootleg for sale on yahoo auctions. what i'm looking for is somewhere to "grab" it in english or japanese. the 52 episode series, not the 4 self contained (edited) 90 minute movies version which is out on dvd. if...
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    schweeeeet!!! (blue dragon anime)

    first anime i bother watching? looks like it. 4 minute preview link.
  16. beelzebubble

    360 warranty policy improved

  17. beelzebubble

    senko no ronde out 22 may in the u.s

    22 may on the 360.
  18. beelzebubble

    parallels and analogy.

    my gf just got promoted to the position of head teacher at her job and she was a little worried about how capable she would be of coping with the added pressure. in an attempt to make her feel better i used an analogy to describe the process of gaining experience in a job and being able to deal...
  19. beelzebubble

    games of spring, which ones are you interested in?

    from ign: xbox 360 : ps3 : 360: 1. call of juarez 2. the darkness 3. kane and lynch 4. rappala tournament fishing 5. shrek 3 6. two worlds 7. tenchu z 8. spiderman 3 9. commander conquer 3 10...
  20. beelzebubble

    i love the creepiness, bioshock.

    in the latest trailer.