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  1. Jedah Doma

    FS: PS3 - Hori Fighting Edge Fightstick (White LE)

    Looking to sell my Hori Fighting Edge Fightstick for the PS3. Comes in the original box and inner packing materials. In near perfect condition. From the prices I've seen it goes around $425 - $500, but I don't have anything confirmed. [i]I'm asking $350 shipped.[/u] Respond here or PM me if...
  2. Jedah Doma

    New Orleans I Am In You

    I'm in town until Monday. Besides the normal tourist-y bullshit, what's fun to do around here?
  3. Jedah Doma

    Anyone have an extra Shin Megami Tensei IV code?

    So I finally bought Shin Megami Tensei IV and am loving it. Only problem is the code doesn't work and Nintendo pretty much says I'm outta luck. Does anyone have an extra code I can register to get the credit towards my Nintendo account? I would be much obliged. :D
  4. Jedah Doma

    "Kascade Memory Failure" - Remember Me VGMV

    You ever get one of those ideas that takes hold of your brain and never lets go? No matter how hard you try to shake it, you just have to do it? This video was one such obsession. It all started after one of my musical journeys (a.k.a. random play) in which I stumbled upon a song by the name of...
  5. Jedah Doma

    Daft Punk: Random Access Memories - A Brilliant Experiment Gone Awry

    For me Daft Punk is and will forever be a part of our gaming lexicon. Whether it’s their electronic sound that affords them such a relation by proxy or simply a sharing of a universal demographic, the two are inseparable. So I felt it only natural to review this album. That and my love of their...
  6. Jedah Doma

    WTT: Sealed Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance = Fire Emblem Awakening

    Like the title says, I've got a sealed Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS and would like to trade it for a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS. If you're interested, just shoot me a PM.
  7. Jedah Doma

    FS: Dedicated Tekken 5 Arcade Cab

    Well it's time to sell my Tekken 5 machine. It's a fun machine, problem being I just acquired a sit down Crazy Taxi, and I have zero room left in my basement. So between all my cabs, this is the one that needs to make the sacrifice so I can do my Crazy Taxi-ing. The machine itself is in great...
  8. Jedah Doma

    Would you hate me if I...

    ...took out the innards from a dedicated Tekken 5 arcade machine I'm possibly getting, drill two extra holes to make it a six button setup, and turned it into a Capcom or MAME cab? :crying:
  9. Jedah Doma

    That lawyer from Metal Slug is a dick

    I'm never saving him again. I don't care if he does give me a thundercloud. Y1BAD94jd_Q
  10. Jedah Doma

    FS: Jedah's Mega Epic Sale Round Two! *PS2, PS1, PSP, SS, GC, Wii, Xbox, GEN, DVD*

    Round two of my sales thread. Still going through my collection seeing what I play and don't play so check back for updates in the coming days. Shipping is included. Though I'm also willing to cut deals for folks who buy multiple items and want to save on shipping. Have a bunch of games you...
  11. Jedah Doma

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo: S-Rank Playthrough

    pHkK2IYpp9o I hate watching someone play a great game like ass. It’s like watching a driver’s ed dropout take a Ferrari for a spin. So I did what any dedicated maniac with a sword does. I played through the entire demo honing my slicing and dicing skills until I beat the entire thing with an...
  12. Jedah Doma

    My Custom Cormano Sunset Riders Halloween Costume!

    Sunset Riders is one of my all-time favorite video games. I heart it so much I own every version including a dedicated 4 player arcade machine. My character of choice was always Cormano. Every time I went to play the game in arcades, I was Cormano. I’m not sure what drew me to him. He just...
  13. Jedah Doma

    Lost Planet Spin-off EX Troopers Japanese Demo Impressions

    Downloaded the Japanese demo for EX Troopers and had a chance to play it for a good while. I posted an impressions article and some footage of the single player demo and both multiplayer levels for those interested. So far I'm really enjoying the game. I've enjoyed it much more than the meh...
  14. Jedah Doma

    FS: Mint Condition JVC HR-S9600U High End SVHS VCR Deck

    Thought I would put this up here for any of the A/V folks who might be interested. I'm selling my JVC HR-S9600U High End SVHS VCR Deck. It comes with the JVC HR-S9600U, remote, instructional manual, and quick start guide. Sadly I haven't been able to use it that much with kids and work, but...
  15. Jedah Doma

    Dead or Alive 5 Thread

    I'm surprised no one started a thread about this already. I'll be picking my copy up today on the PS3. Anyone else excited about this or have impressions if you've already played it? PSN ID: JedahDoma
  16. Jedah Doma

    Interest Check: Beatmania IIDX 12 "Happy Sky" Poster

    I bought this poster from a local arcade distributor in town awhile back. It was actually in a decently nice frame. Only issue was the frame was a tad too small horizontally (by about a quarter of an inch). Hence there was a small crease on the right side of the poster with a few marks of...
  17. Jedah Doma

    How I met Hideo Kojima and Atsushi Inaba (Full Story and Pics Edition)

    So let me preface the meeting by how I actually got into the party. This was my first time going to PAX Prime. We got into Seattle Thursday night and stayed up until about 2 in the morning. That mixed with jet lag and we were all burnt out. Now I was with a group of friends who had been to PAX...
  18. Jedah Doma

    Break Lunch: New podcast from Substance TV

    As always I look to the fine folks at Neo Geo to rip apart and in every way give me honest feedback on new ideas. Long and short, it's a podcast called Break Lunch. I know everybody has a podcast, but this one has a bit of a twist. My friends and I get together usually every week to grab a bite...
  19. Jedah Doma

    Awful Arcade Conversions

    So we have the awful MAME cabs, so what about those horrible and awful arcade conversions? Well let me start by posting this little gem. It was originally a Sega GT turned into a sit down Marvel vs. Capcom 2. And weirder still they have buttons on both the left and the right. For just $1,700 it...
  20. Jedah Doma

    FS: Tons of rare games PS2, PSP, NES, SNES, ETC (Help me get to PAX!)

    Well this is my first year going to and actual gaming/major convention. I'm going to PAX Prime in August. It's also a rude awakening because this trip is going to cost me some dough. As such I'm listing the rarest games I own. This is the cream of the crop up for sale to help fund my trip to...