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  1. Joe T.


    Trying to round up some cash so selling a couple games I'm not playing. Prices are shipped in the US. Message me for international shipping. PCBS: Gunbird 2 (international)- $215 SOLD Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
  2. Joe T.

    FS: Strikers 1945 II PCB SOLD

    Strikers 1945 II PCB for sale. International version I believe. This board is clean and works well. $130 shipped in the United States. SOLD Pics: Strikers 1945 II Pic 1 Strikers 1945 II Pic 2
  3. Joe T.

    Fs: JP Saturn- Batsugun

    Hey all. I've got a bunch of Saturn shooters for sale. I can take pics on request. Prices include shipping in the United States. International shipping is more expensive obviously. I would have to look up those costs individually. Payment via PayPal gift or you cover the fees preferred. Thanks...
  4. Joe T.


    Koutetsu Yousai Strahl: I bought this from forum member, thechop, in a package deal with another board last year (on a different forum), but never really got into it. $420 shipped in the US. SOLD
  5. Joe T.

    SOLD: Cave Box and a Few Small Kit Pieces

    Howdy, I have a left over Cave AMI kit box (I believe from a Deathsmiles or Pink Sweets, can't remember). It has some creases, tape, and shipping stickers on it. I've also got the small marquee artwork that comes with a Deathsmiles kit along with instructions from a Ketsui kit and a Pink...
  6. Joe T.

    Famicom Kevtris/HD Mod Repair Recommendations?

    Hey all, I bought a Kevtris/HD modded toploader Famicom on eBay about a year and a half ago. Recently, it has acted as if it was losing power and now only outputs a grey screen with scanlines. I have no experience with this type of repair and was wondering if anyone can recommend any places or...
  7. Joe T.

    WTT: Metamorphic Force for Bucky O' Hare

    Hey, I have a deep regret for selling my Bucky O' Hare pcb a few years ago. I currently have a US/NA region Metamorphic Force for trade towards a Bucky pcb. I'm willing to negotiate if there is a price discrepancy between the two. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
  8. Joe T.

    FS: Battle Garegga LE PS4, DDP DOJ & ESPGaluda PS2, JP PS2 Console

    Hey all, I've got some extra stuff laying around. All prices are shipped in the US. Please cover the PayPal fees. Cotton 2 Saturn no spine or reg.- SOLD Garegga LE PS4 Sealed- $70 DDP DOJ PS2 complete- $45 ESPGaluda PS2 complete- $45 Japanese slim black PS2 console with power cord, a/v cable...
  9. Joe T.

    FS: Strikers 1999

    Hello again, ZDTFers! Got some JAMMA games for sale: Toaplan- Knuckle Bash US Version with ManualPIC TRADED Seibu- Viper Phase 1 Cart and Mobo US Version PIC SOLD I also have a Strikers 1999 PCB Intl. Version that I've found out has an EEPROM error and does not save changes in the settings...
  10. Joe T.

    Import Dreamcast Sale and More

    Hey y'all, I'm selling off my Japanese Dreamcast games. Shipping is an additional $6 in the US. Payment via Paypal. I'd prefer if you can cover the fees. Loose Japanese Dreamcast Console w/ one controller and Hanzo VGA Cable- $100 shipped Karous- $60 Under Defeat LE w/sticker- $75 Trigger...
  11. Joe T.

    Arcade Games Like Gamshara and GI Joe

    Can anyone recommend arcade boards similar to these types of games? Target shooting without the light gun I suppose. I already know of Cabal and Blood Brothers, but are there others that are worth tracking down?
  12. Joe T.

    FS-Console Imports, Lowered Prices

    I've got quite a few games that have been sitting unplayed. I haven't factored shipping into the cost yet, but I'd say that within the United States, it would likely be about $5 via Priority mail. Larger items like consoles and joysticks are a bit more obviously. I can ship overseas, but it...
  13. Joe T.

    FS: Dodonpachi DOJ PS2, Sealed JP 360, ABLETON PUSH!

    Howdy, Here is the edited list of items still for sale: NEWLY ADDED Ableton/Akai Push Midi Controller. New in Box, only opened it to test it. $415 Shipped in US 2x JP21 Pin RGB to BNC connector cables. These are made for Sony PVM monitors and the like. I don't have any JP 21 pin cables...
  14. Joe T.

    WTB: Illvelo Naomi and Other Arcade Games

    Hey y'all, I'm interested in an assortment of PCBs, Naomi, MVS, and St-v carts. WANTS BELOW: NAOMI CARTS: Illvelo Zero Gunner 2 Gunspike Guilty Gear X (whichever one is a cartridge) Cosmic Smash Other Carts: Guardian Force ST-V Soukyugurentai ST-V Super Dodgeball MVS PCBs: Psycho...
  15. Joe T.

    WTB: Console & Jamma Games

    I'm interested in an assortment of NTSC-J PC Engine, Dreamcast, Wii, 360, PS2, PSP, Saturn games, and of course PCBs (also open to recommendations/offers). WANTS BELOW: PCBs: Super Space Fortress Macross Hacha Mecha Fighter Liquid Kids/Mizubaku Daiboken Dogyuun R-type Leo Feveron or Fever...
  16. Joe T.

    FS/FT: Metal Slug 5 PCB

    Hey yall, I've got a few things I may be willing to sell or put towards a trade. I'd prefer to sell within North America. A partial cash and PCB trade is welcome. Let me know what you've got and we can work a deal out. I will try to post up some pictures later. PCBs: Metal Slug 5 Single PCB-...
  17. Joe T.

    FS/ FT: Metal Slug 5 PCB Version $90

    I've got a single PCB Metal Slug 5 with instructions and copied artwork if anyone is interested. I was thinking $90 shipped (preferably paypal gift) in the US unless that seems unreasonable to anyone. I'm interested in trades as well, specifically for import Saturn and Dreamcast games such as...
  18. Joe T.

    FS/FT: Jamma PCBs

    Hey yall, I've got a few things I may be willing to sell or put towards a trade. I'd prefer to sell within North America. I will try to post up some pictures later. PCBs: Metal Slug 5 Single PCB- $90 shipped ESPGaluda II bare PCB- Not sure on a price yet (maybe around $375), kind of on the...
  19. Joe T.

    WTB: Tototek PS2 to Neo Geo Converter or Custom AES stick

    Yo, I currently do not own any type of AES joystick, and I need one. However, I was hoping maybe someone might have an extra tototek converter for sale so that I could use my PS2 stick to save space and dolla's. If not, I am also kind of interested in buying a nice AES joystick but preferably...
  20. Joe T.

    FS: Soukyugurentai ST-V and Dual Bios Mobo SOLD

    I kind of wanted to keep this but have decided that it would be more economical to simply play on Saturn. Japanese Soukyugurentai Cart with dual bios motherboard. $155 (via Paypal gift) shipped in the US. SOLD