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    So uh, what's goin' on?
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    Happy Birthday, ChunkyLover!

    May it rain 2160p televisions and pepperoni nipples wherever ye be.
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    Anyone know of a solid repository for archived SNK/Neo-Geo sound effects?

    I definitely need these for a project I'm working on and if anyone has a bunch of this kind of thing ripped somewhere, it would be CRAZY helpful.
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    The Hobbit Thread. of this writing, the reviews...are looking kinda grim. Post impressions after checking it out.
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    So good, it deserves it's own thread. Bane Outtakes.

    STOP HITTING YOURSELF! Pardon the grammatical derp in the title.
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    Disney acquires Lucasfilm for $4.05billion, announces Episode VII for 2015. Thoughts?
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    Nintendo 3DS games: Mario Kart 7 and Starfox64 3D

    Both games are complete with manual and case. $25 each shipped, or $45 for both. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow!
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    The Colors of goofy fan edit.

    The Colors of Tron This is what happens when you get bored.
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    Junior Seau is dead.

    http:// Awful.
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    HE WAS JUST TRYING TO "FREE THE CHILDREN!" KONY 2012 filmmaker caught masturbating at park

    HE WAS JUST TRYING TO "FREE THE CHILDREN!" KONY 2012 filmmaker caught masturbating at park
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    VF's Akira cameo in DOA 5

    The VF purist in me don' like this. http:// :rolleyes:
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    Oklahoma State Senator amends bill, proposes that life begins at EJACULATION

    PRECIOUS. BODILY. FLUIDS. Of course, if this is the new standard, we're all killers on the level of Oppenheimer. :mr_t:
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    Retro Rumble! This is a project I've been working on with the Arcade-In-A-Box crew. We just tried to capture the essence of being in a basement dicking around with your best friends, playing bizarre and awesome retro games.
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    Need a huge favor from someone cooler than I am...

    Is anyone here in possession of a nice, clean rip of the really hard impact sound effect that originated in Art of Fighting? I would be forever grateful.
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    Animals Being Dicks.

    lolololololololol Good shit.
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    Awesome find! (Sony RGB monitor)

    So, having just moved into an unfurnished guest house in Burbank, I noticed a sign for a church rummage sale while I roamed town this week. Drove up this morning, looking solely for some sort of table and dresser...and I walked away with a nice table and a damned Sony 19" PVM monitor for a mere...
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    Hello, Los Angeles.

    So, I'm moving westward after landing an internship with Conan O'Brien. Hunting for sublets and I would love to spend some time with the Cali peeps while out there. What's local and awesome? PS-Brahback, I am calling you this weekend. I have been consumed with editing my short film and...
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    Happy Birthday, MilkManX!!!

    Hope you have an amazing one, dear friend. Remember, sometimes it's longer, sometimes it's shorter.
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    OK, this outs me as old, BUT...

    I totally miss Johnny Carson. As much as I enjoy Conan, no one really comes close to being that kind of an absolutely dominant late-night personality. It's true that all the industrial and technological shifts have left the broadcast landscape radically different from his era, but the guy was...