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  1. abasuto

    Weekly Roundup 7/21/19

    Been playing through the classic 2D Sonics all weekend. Almost forgot what a masterpiece Sonic 2 was.
  2. abasuto

    Good stuff Trump has (or hasn't) done

    More of a cocaine to tea comparison.
  3. abasuto

    Good stuff Trump has (or hasn't) done

    It's a fucked up situation they're in, but in the end they need to stand together to reclaim their country from the drug lords. Americans in past died freeing ourselves from England. They can do it also. Running away is only making it worse in their homeland.
  4. abasuto

    Good stuff Trump has (or hasn't) done

    Don't try to sneak into our country and you won't land up in a hot cage.
  5. abasuto

    Hardcore Metal Fans Get Your Ass In Here!!

    It's been 15 years since GamerAbyss has logged in. He could be dead. Like his snakes. Electric Grave is also still the ultimate Tool.
  6. abasuto

    Android-iOS shumps with controller support

    Anyone know any decent ones? Can't find a list online of controller optional shumps and have no idea how the hell people play a bullet hell via touch control. Thanks.
  7. abasuto

    Rename the War Room..The Love Room

    What about naming it the Rot Room ? I believe in a happy medium.
  8. abasuto

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Keith is the shit.
  9. abasuto

    Rename the War Room..The Love Room

    Too much negativity around here. It's unattractive.
  10. abasuto

    Happy Birthday Abasuto!

    I also learned Firehouse Subs gives you a free medium sub on your birthday. I rode through town hitting them all up. I'm loaded now.
  11. abasuto

    Happy Birthday Abasuto!

    Thanks, Turned the big 40. To me turning 40 is like seeing your car hit 200k. Kinda an achievement to see it last that long, but at the same you can't help but think "this is where shit is going to start really breaking"
  12. abasuto

    Huge east coast blizzard

    Atlanta update.
  13. abasuto

    When was the moment you realized you were old...

    I felt old after a younger co-worker was talking about Nirvana. Saying how he was only 6 or 7 when Cobain died and how he missed out on when he was alive and the band of going. I saw them live once and was at work when I heard he died. Hearing someone talk about a musician "before his time"...
  14. abasuto

    President Obama signed executive order curbing gun sales

    I use to think W was the worst President I'd see in my lifetime, then Obama has finally topped him. Worthless fuck who's done absolutely zero right. I hope a Republican wins the election and reverses everything that worthless fuck has done,.
  15. abasuto

    SNK Playmore possibly shutting down pachinko slot division

    It's a dead company. Pull the plug and go play Magician Lord.
  16. abasuto

    Is AES collecting even a realistic option these days?

    Get a MVS and DIY supergun. Enjoy the games
  17. abasuto

    Weekly Roundup after Xmas edition

    Gamecube : Metroid Prime 2 Trying to get 100% finish. I'd forgotten how hard this game was.
  18. abasuto

    KOF14 announced for 2016 on PS4

    Zero interest. Tekken and VF are the two 3D fighters that were designed from the ground up to be 3D fighters. KOF is a 2D game and was designed to be so.
  19. abasuto

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Riviera hotel in Vegas. Taken 2 nights before the hotel was closed down forever.