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  1. Joe T.

    Car enthusiasts: What kind of people does your vehicle get attention from?

    I have a 2016 BMW M235i. A smallish coupe that performs above the average. It's stock outside of an M performance exhaust and some carbon fiber stuff that came with the car. I get the occasional compliment at the gas station, but mostly no one knows what my car is where I live. When I get out of...
  2. Joe T.

    What was your favorite cab at your local arcade?

    In the early 90s when Time Out and Exihlarama were the main go to arcades for me: Steel Gunner and Steel Gunner 2 Whichever Konami beat em up was newest at the time GI Joe Moon Patrol Space Harrier Whichever Sega racing game was newest at the time
  3. Joe T.

    Cotton 2 / Cotton Boomerang / Guardian Force (Switch/PS4) Saturn Tribute

    Love Guardian Force. Surprisingly, the Saturn (and probably this version as well) is preferrable since the ST-V version has some input lag.
  4. Joe T.


    Trying to round up some cash so selling a couple games I'm not playing. Prices are shipped in the US. Message me for international shipping. PCBS: Gunbird 2 (international)- $215 SOLD Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
  5. Joe T.

    Fs: JP Saturn- Batsugun

    I can no longer edit the original post, but Batsugun is gone- sold on eBay.
  6. Joe T.

    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    I'm not a big Nicolas Winding Refn fan. Most of his movies seem to be all flash and low substance. I have to admit though, I enjoyed the series, 'Too Old to Die Young' more than most I've seen recently. The crawling pace was rough at times, but when it worked, it provided some scenes with...
  7. Joe T.

    FS: Strikers 1945 II PCB SOLD

    Strikers 1945 II PCB for sale. International version I believe. This board is clean and works well. $130 shipped in the United States. SOLD Pics: Strikers 1945 II Pic 1 Strikers 1945 II Pic 2
  8. Joe T.

    Fs: JP Saturn- Batsugun

    One more price drop.
  9. Joe T.

    Fs: JP Saturn- Batsugun

    Dropped some prices even lower.
  10. Joe T.

    Fs: JP Saturn- Batsugun

    Hey all. I've got a bunch of Saturn shooters for sale. I can take pics on request. Prices include shipping in the United States. International shipping is more expensive obviously. I would have to look up those costs individually. Payment via PayPal gift or you cover the fees preferred. Thanks...
  11. Joe T.


    Koutetsu Yousai Strahl: I bought this from forum member, thechop, in a package deal with another board last year (on a different forum), but never really got into it. $420 shipped in the US. SOLD
  12. Joe T.

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    I recently traded my 2015 228 for a 2016 M235. I'm liking it so far. I may get dinan springs put on but I'm wary of doing any other mods for now since it will be under warranty for a while. I miss my 228, but this car is just as fun in different ways.
  13. Joe T.

    Gay Dolphin...

  14. Joe T.

    Any runners out there?

    I was a great runner as a kid. If not for other sports that I liked more, I probably could have run cross country at a pretty high level. I still run roughly 3miles/5k a day, and 4 or 5 miles once or twice a week, but longer distances are harder and harder for me as I get older. I weigh 20lbs...
  15. Joe T.

    FS: Batrider

    Wow. Not a single "MP send. Please reply!" post in this thread.
  16. Joe T.

    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    I've been playing a lot of Outzone recently. I hadn't played it in probably over a year. I'm getting hammered on stage 5. I thought that I read somewhere that there was a noticeable difference in difficulty between regions of this board. Anyone know if that's true? My pcb is the European...
  17. Joe T.

    SOLD: Cave Box and a Few Small Kit Pieces

    Howdy, I have a left over Cave AMI kit box (I believe from a Deathsmiles or Pink Sweets, can't remember). It has some creases, tape, and shipping stickers on it. I've also got the small marquee artwork that comes with a Deathsmiles kit along with instructions from a Ketsui kit and a Pink...
  18. Joe T.

    Famicom Kevtris/HD Mod Repair Recommendations?

    Thanks. It looks like they aren't accepting any new repair jobs but linked to people who are. Going to send the Famicom to for the repair.
  19. Joe T.

    Famicom Kevtris/HD Mod Repair Recommendations?

    Hey all, I bought a Kevtris/HD modded toploader Famicom on eBay about a year and a half ago. Recently, it has acted as if it was losing power and now only outputs a grey screen with scanlines. I have no experience with this type of repair and was wondering if anyone can recommend any places or...
  20. Joe T.

    WTT: Metamorphic Force for Bucky O' Hare

    Hey, I have a deep regret for selling my Bucky O' Hare pcb a few years ago. I currently have a US/NA region Metamorphic Force for trade towards a Bucky pcb. I'm willing to negotiate if there is a price discrepancy between the two. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks!