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  1. SNKNostalgia

    I'm back!

    "Its been long time general!" What are you cuuks playing now?
  2. SNKNostalgia

    Queens of the Stone Age Villians

    Holy Duck King this album is really great!!!! Looking forward to how it grows after many listens. Villains, whooops. Jameson happens.
  3. SNKNostalgia

    Xbox original mod using a more current setup for a friend.

    This is my first time messing with this mod and I have most of the concept down. I am just wondering about what HDD setup is best going for 500GB and reasonable price. Seems there are a lot of new things people are doing, like speeding up load times using an 80 wire IDE, remove super capacitor...
  4. SNKNostalgia

    PCEngineFX forums are down.

    Anybody know what's up with the PCEngineFX forums being down. Trying to help someone get their cap info on repairing a Turbo Express, lol. Oh the timing.
  5. SNKNostalgia

    Best for Laptop. Yeah, need some help here.

    I've been out of the loop and also having a hard time looking for a Laptop. My current HP Pavilion DV6700 is having the common frying out NVIDIA graphics card problem (POS). I really don't need a super computer or anything. roughly looking to spend $600-$700 at most. Specs that I am thinking...
  6. SNKNostalgia

    Best choice of an HDTV these days. I have been out of the loop.

    I am getting ready to buy a nice 1080p LCD (preferably 46" or more, maybe even 3D) set soon. I have lost track on what to get other than everyone saying get a Sony or Samsung over the years as always. I want the best picture possible without running me up over $1000 preferably. So, any model...
  7. SNKNostalgia

    8-bit Stereo Tracks

    This kid is doing it right!!! He might be 17 or something... still, lol!!!
  8. SNKNostalgia

    Assualt Suit Leynos 2 Ranking System

    Has anyone "Truly" figured out the damn ranking system in this game? I have tried many different methods and can't understand what keeps me from getting "A" ranks in certain stages. I am pretty good about not getting hit, but those damn penalties come from nowhere. :angry:
  9. SNKNostalgia

    Jailbars in the newer Genesis/MD S-Video mod.

    Before I get to it: Over the years I have been using the traditional S-Video mod on my Genesis 1 model (Same as the Neo Geo mod back in the day). After reading Xian Xi's newer mod on Jamma Nation, I just simply changed the simpler Chroma line-out. I read up on my Genesis on Sega-16 forums and...
  10. SNKNostalgia

    Nintendo 3DS not charging even though the orange charging light is on.

    I've been fixing a friends 3DS. Originally there was no power in the battery and the machine would not cut on. There was no charge light turning on at all when plugged in. I have just replaced it with a new battery from Nintendo and it ran perfectly fine with 50% power on the battery indicator...
  11. SNKNostalgia

    New and easy Turbo/PCE/Duo S-video mod discovered.

    Now you can S-video mod your 16-bit NEC consoles with less parts than a Genesis and Neo Geo Home Console mod. It also has a more correct color palette. So yeah, no more RGB amps and CXA1645/CXA2075 encoders. Thanks to everyone involved :glee...
  12. SNKNostalgia

    Aussie collector collecting Japanese AES carts for a few months, 10 carts left!!!

    All those AES carts in less than 3-4 months. Jesus, Fuck, Man!!! My favorite quote I read on Youtube: "Blog 15: Welcome to another blog. As you can see, I've recently acquired my own private island, and have begun to hollow out the volcano for my games room, but I fear that I won't have enough...
  13. SNKNostalgia

    Ninja Gaiden 3 - XBox 360/PS3

    So, I bought this game for PS3 without doing any homework other than watching a short trailer and looking at some screenshots. I figured it would be just like how they always have made them, but improved/changed for the better in someway. Man, was I way off on that assumption. I just finished...
  14. SNKNostalgia

    Just got a free 36" 4:3 aspect ratio Sony WEGA FD Trinitron: KV-36HS20 model.

    I woke up today and saw this in my rec room. My roommate must have gotten it from his girlfriend's mom. I haven't had the chance to try it out yet, but do any of you know much about this set? Currently I am using my Toshiba of the same size; model 36HF71 and read reviews saying the Sony is...
  15. SNKNostalgia

    Favorite fighting games with one player experience.

    I ask this after realizing that my friends don't touch these games anymore and I recently tried out games like Red Earth and JoJo's Bizare Adventure for CPSIII. Mine would have to be Last Blade 1, KOF 97, Samura Shodown 2, SFA 2 and SFIII 3rd Strike. I really like the leveling up with multiple...
  16. SNKNostalgia

    Santa Rosa & San Francisco California. Any neat game shops or arcades to check out?

    I am visiting in Santa Rosa, CA again. I came down here with my folks to visit my grandmother. I was wondering if there is anything cool gaming-wise to check out around this area down to San Francisco. Also, I welcome anything else of interest that would be neat that most people don't know about.
  17. SNKNostalgia

    PS3 video and sound combination.

    Can I use HDMI for video with a PS3 Slim and it work with the audio-out RCA from the regular Multi-AV out combined?
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    Castlevania LOS or Front Mission Evolved on 360?

    Question on which game: I am trying to decide what game to get for this month out of the two. I just bought Black Ops and have nothing left to do on it except for Multi and Zombies. So, I am looking for a good 1 player experience and can only afford 1 game for now. My friend is selling off...
  19. SNKNostalgia

    Voodoo Music Fest 2010

    I went to New Orleans for the whole weekend for Voodoo Fest and Halloween. What a blast it was. I went with my roommate and our hot lady friend. We stayed at a friends condo on St Phillips off the French Quarter, which was really nice. I highly recommend this time of the year to go there. The...
  20. SNKNostalgia

    Going to Panama City Beach, FL.

    Trying to find out what good bars, clubs, restaurants and anything else there is to check out. I am leaving tomorrow and will be back Sunday. Staying in a condo.