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  1. LWK

    Wanted: Black/Dark Grey rear projection film.

    I'm redoing a Megalo 410. I'm almost done with this project, but I need film to apply to the glass screen covers back side for a nice rear projection. I need this measurement: 26 1/2 by 33 1/2. I might even settle for dark grey film. Might even be better as the glass I am doing this with has a...
  2. LWK

    WTB X-Men Cota CPS2 Blue

    As the title says. No phoenix, no bootlegs.
  3. LWK

    Wanted: Last Soldier MVS Korean Last Blade

    Vic-A cart. PM me if you got one.
  4. LWK

    Possible blown amp.

    I have a 4 slot MVS board, I was messing around with this audio pot on my megalo 410 and trying to get it right as I have been working to restore this sucker... Something happened and the actual board when using the volume slider past a certain point makes horrid noises. If I have it low, it...
  5. LWK

    Wanted DX Sofubi Propeller Mario Figure.

    I can't find this damn thing anywhere. Anyone got one to sell off?
  6. LWK

    Artie Lange

    Not that it's really news, but that dudes entire nose has been smashed in for some time now. He was talking to a judge in another older video that is sad to watch... Looks like to much coke or something. I also wondered if maybe he fucked up with a dealer and got it punched in and it collapsed...
  7. LWK

    Toxic relationship stories.. Psycho ex stories?

    So my girlfriend now that I am with is fantastic, we've been together for some years now. We never fight, we are constructive with things and just over all play off each other well. I like that she can handle my sarcastic personality, because I am to and acquired taste with it. I like dry humor...
  8. LWK

    Gamestop stories?

    Ahh Gamestop. We've all been down that road at one point. I've always done pretty well with it, but it's one of those things. I wanna hear the stories of fucked up things you've experienced or seen first hand. I remember one time I asked a employee about this Dragon Quest promo box, it was a...
  9. LWK

    The sickness miasma spreading during these delightful times

    Who else got stung hard this season? I am loving the rain here, but the ill health is a laugh really. I was sick some days back, have a nagging throat issue that hasn't left yet. Honestly, my health has had some steady hiccups the last few years. I had a fever last year that was so high I...
  10. LWK

    My bad for gloating

    I have had something nagging at my gut lately with this entire election and I believe it is the right thing to rectify it even at the risk of being trolled. People who lost on the left feel really hurt over this stuff, and it's not right for me to be cruel over this election outcome, when for...
  11. LWK

    Game scalper horror stories?

    This is a drop thread for people to rant about nonsense mark ups, idiotic stores over charging for games, and over all shitty scalper attitudes.
  12. LWK

    WTB: Bad/Dead Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons

    Topic says it, pm me.
  13. LWK

    Red Light Cameras

    What has been your experience with this fascist bullshit that somehow got lobbied into actual law? Part of me has ALWAYS wanted to get up there with a baseball bat and smash these god damn things. I came up with a different idea of a sticker with a swastika to put on them. Americans are to...
  14. LWK

    Who you going to vote for between Trump and Hillary?

    Pretty terrible election, but it is fast approaching. Pick one form of evil. Let's see just based on who would win between both.
  15. LWK

    If you died tomorrow...

    What would people most likely remember you here by? For me, probably fighting games and that climate change drama.
  16. LWK

    Something I've thought about and wanted regarding MVS cart protection.

    Doesn't hurt to at least prevent these things from banging or scraping against each other. The game box protector sites sell these plastic boxes that frame around SNES or whatever system cases, it's a cool solution. I tend to get dust where I am at, so that doesn't make me happy, and I just...
  17. LWK

    Decided not to trade it off, thanks

    I originally wanted to trade a SFV for a old HRAP 3 ps3, but I'm gonna just keep it.
  18. LWK

    My Bloodborne youtube videos

    I figured I'd post this. Enjoying that new share feature, and have been playing this game lately. I got my PS4 a bit late, and I'm on cycle three of this game now. I'm nearing completing that cycle. I love Miyazaki's work, I really feel he is the best mind in gaming right now, though some may...
  19. LWK

    AES Bios into a MVS

    I don't need unbios if my idea works, but is it possible to put a AES bios on a mvs board? I am more so curious if it'd allow game switching via select. I'm not sure about this, has anyone done it? Advice?
  20. LWK

    Megalo 410 is coming along

    Well, as I near the end of a monster project, I am really liking having this megalo 410 where it is. I am running it on a dreamcast currently through vga, the vga cables have a shortcut right to the bottom of the machine, so it is easy swap, just need the appropriate vga set ups for other...