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  1. bradtemple87

    FS Ibara PCB with Original Art 🔥🔥 US ONLY

    $900 shipped SOLD on eBay
  2. bradtemple87

    FS: Zero Wing & Raiden II TESTED North America ONLY NO TRADES PLEASE

    Hey dudes its time to see a couple games :buttrock: Big clear pictures for transparency, both will be shipped in anti-static bags wrapped in bubble wrap with newspaper padding. NO TRADES PLEASE NORTH AMERICA ONLY SOLD Zero Wing $400 shipped SOLD SOLD Raiden II $150 shipped SOLD
  3. bradtemple87

    Kevin Durant to the Warriors!!!

    2 year deal :tickled::tickled::tickled: Who's salty?
  4. bradtemple87

    Anyone going to San Diego ComicCon that could pickup something for me?!

    Comic Con always has exclusive items and there is something I really need! I have all of the other Udon SF hardcover releases in some form, but this one is exclusive to only the convention. STREET FIGHTER V: THE LIFE AND DEATH(S) OF CHARLIE NASH HARDCOVER The world’s most popular fighting game...
  5. bradtemple87

    FS Valkyrie Profile, Tactics Ogre, Megaman Legends PS1 PS2 PSP

    We are finally back! :tickled: I bought a new pew pew board, so it is time to sell some choice items. Buddies and established members get first priority. If you have a low post count/no feedback, I WILL ignore your message. Paypal ONLY Valkyrie Profile $80 SOLD Tactics Ogre: Complete $50...
  6. bradtemple87

    Who can mod my Taito F3 mobo?

    I have talked to a few people already but I am open to any established member. James has not done an F3 yet and has a large backlog right now btw. I will cover postage both ways plus whatever is fair for your time.
  7. bradtemple87

    Selling my cars and moving back to CA, Two Subarus must go! Free extras! Low miles!

    Big news to all my west coast brothers, I'm coming home :buttrock: We are all set for our move next month but we need to sell our current cars. Please spread the word and Neo members get free games :tickled:
  8. bradtemple87

    BRAD'S BST RETURNS: Pier Solar/Redux/Mint GBA MORE! 3/27

    I'm stuck in cold weather, but "spring" offerings are here! Quality over quantity! I am starting to move a few select items in hopes for future purchases. Prices do not include shipping unless noted. I have top quality feedback and most of my stuff is in excellent quality. Currently I will only...
  9. bradtemple87

    Rot! There is a movie about Calvin and Hobbes!!!

    Dear Mr Watterson A buddy told me about this last night at a bar. I'm sure some kind of Asian sex will come from this
  10. bradtemple87

    Micomsoft XAC-1 Gaming Desk - Candy Cab meets Work Desk

    This thing looks awesome Note - These pages are in Japanese and will require browser translation Specs and info: Setup info and video
  11. bradtemple87

    Brad's BST 2.0 Collection Sale closed for now

    Closed for now WANTS
  12. bradtemple87

    FS: Game Gear Lot, More to come

    I need to pay some bills, so it is time for things to move move move! Game Gear Lot! $30 for everything SYSTEM NEEDS WORK! I have a bunch of game gear games, case, untested car power supply, link cable, and project system for sale. The backlight comes on very dim and it is not outputting...
  13. bradtemple87

    FS: Game Gear Lot w/ Case, 14 games!

    Game Gear Lot! I have a bunch of game gear games, case, untested car power supply, link cable, and project system for sale. The backlight comes on very dim and it is not outputting sound! The system is also missing the battery covers. I want to sell everything as one group lot. I have not...
  14. bradtemple87

    BRAD'S BST: Strategy Guide Blowout! Clearing up space!

    I have a lot of strategy guides up for the taking and some of them are sealed! Prices do not include shipping Arc the Lad: End of Darkness $5 Darkwatch $6 Fallout 3 - sealed $10 FF Crystal Chronicles $6 MvC3 $8, book is huge Mass Effect - sealed $10 Pokemon Diamond and Silver $8 Shining Force...
  15. bradtemple87

    Brad's BST: Fall Update, Virtua Stick, FREE Stuff!!! SCOOP AWAY

    I love trading, wants are down below. I also accept paypal and have positive feedback on our very own site, besides my 300+ on eBay! Take a look and feel free to send me a message for more information or pictures. Fall Update: I need this stuff gone and some of it is FREE!!! :drool: YOU PAY...
  16. bradtemple87

    IC: Komplete 8 Native Instruments Software SEALED

    I have a sealed Native Instruments Komplete 8 software possibly up for sale or trade. I won this from my work though employee trainings but my computer is too old to support it. This software does have the "Not for Resale" stamp on the front, but does not have anything with my name anywhere on...
  17. bradtemple87

    FS: King of Fighters 96 AES

    I sold my aes and Garou, so now I need to sell this as well. It is the Japanese version and in complete condition with a mint label. I am asking $70 shipped to the continental US w/ tracking
  18. bradtemple87

    Interest Check: Garou MOTW AES & US AES Complete System

    I am thinking about picking up a wood mvs unit from analogue interactive after being completely blown away by the arcade stick I ordered. I have the following US AES system w/ case and two sticks - make me an offer Garou Mark of the Wolves AES complete and in MINT condition (Japanese version)...
  19. bradtemple87

    Brad's BST: SEALED NGPC, much more for various consoles!

    I have added pricing for those who prefer it to negotiating. Shipping is not included in the prices It is time to unload some cool stuff I think you guys will enjoy. I except all offers and love trading. I also accept paypal and have lots of positive feedback on, besides my 260+...