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  1. Loopz

    Last Resort Review

    US Title: Last Resort Japanese Title: Last Resort By: SNK Year: 1992 Size: 45 Megs Home Release? Yes MVS Release? Yes CD Release? No Here's a blast from the past, an oldie-but-goodie that still commands a decent coin. Now, most folks nowadays, when speaking of Neo shooters...
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    I felt as if I just saw my notions of what is possible with a feature film altered. I don't know that anyone has ever achieved such an unvarnished and complete version of their vision, as Miller has here. What I think will be really fascinating is to go back and watch the older films, as there...
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    Poll- Star Wars Episode VII

    First of all, the SW franchise has been 'tainted with greed' since the summer of 1977, when it became this unexpected gargantuan phenomenon (though film industry insiders had been predicting doom because of all the production woes). No one holds a gun to your head to buy any of the merchandise...
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    Hiya, old-school NG hands. Short version update: I play games on a Wii U, and an Ouya for glorious Neo and old-school, but that's about it. I daydream of owning cabs at times, but I think that's the only way I'd ever consider SNK hardware again. Beyond that, I sort of got my shit together...
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    So uh, what's goin' on?
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    Happy Birthday Loopz and Tron

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, fellas! Living in a very different environment these days, with a non-profit organization that runs film festivals in Aspen. No, I can't afford a house here, but life is good. :)
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    Looks Like Blade Runner 2 Happening With Ridley And Harrison!!!

    As many problems as Prometheus had, I actually felt like thematically, that movie had a lot more in common with Blade Runner than Alien. The crew of that ship were on the same fools' errand as the poor Replicants: a mad quest to meet their maker. And they'd suffer largely the same fate. Sadly...
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    Happy Birthday, ChunkyLover!

    May it rain 2160p televisions and pepperoni nipples wherever ye be.
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    Turbo Grafx 16/ PC-Engine: Worth Getting?

    I've been playing a lot of PCE stuff I never got the chance to way back when via emu on the Ouya, and man...I'm having a lot of fun with it. I don't think I could be arsed to rock legit hardware anymore...but the games themselves are great. Star Soldier series is tops. Also been playing Star...
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    OUYA anyone?

  12. Loopz

    OUYA anyone?

    This sucker really is an excellent piece of kit. If you haven't tried DONKEY ME yet, you gotta! It's an awesome Donkey Kong clone with different 1980s movie skins, like Big Trouble in Little China, Alien, Gremlins, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars.
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    Robocop remake (2014 movie)

    Agreed, 101%. By contrast, in one of the short clips posted here, you see a POV shot from one of the ED-209 units Robo is fighting, and a big dumb 'SEARCHING FOR CLEAR SHOT' graphic appears in its display. Yes, the audience couldn't deduce that from the events taking place on screen without...
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    Double Dragon is coming to PS3 and PSP on PSN. The ultimate fighting game.

    This. All day long. End thread. Everyone else here loves cock but STK.
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    The Official 2013 College Football Thread The Sun Devils won the ballgame...but one old Wildcat won the war against BroDevils.
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    The Official 2013 College Football Thread

    ARIZONA GOES DUCK HUNTING, 42-16. DAMN!!! Heisman Trophy-candidate Ducks may have a curse in Tucson. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!
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    The Official 2013 College Football Thread

    DUCKS LOSE. Baby Jesus giggles!
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    Happy Birthday Loopz and Tron

    Thanks, fellas! :)
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    The Official 2013 College Football Thread

    Notre Dame loses. USC takes a big old September shit in their pants against Wazzu. Arizona wins. GOD IS GREAT
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    If you take it straight on, yes. If you bother to listen to the lyrics and the ridiculous overdubbed lines, it's hysterical.