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    Most difficult Situations

    Guys please share your most difficult fighting game experiences......being cornered by human mai kof 98 thats terrible she keeps doin qcb+p does tick damage when you jump she does her standing C, if you roll she combos crouching C into qcb+C or qcb qcf + D.....dont get cornered by mai..ahahahh!!
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    Most Difficult Fights in KOF 98, Ninja Masters, RBFFS,

    There are some difficult situations when playing against human in some fighting games no matter the level of the players provided both players are of the same skill ie very great skill. For example Kof98 Chang has an edge over orochi yashiro and orochi chris Mature has an edge over...
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    West Africa

    We are here!!!! We are worthy players too!!! No other fan from my part of the world????!!!!!Plizzz someone answer me!!!