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    Sony BVM-20F1E Vertical Hold Adjustment?

    Im trying to hook up a Jamma Multicart (Just another Pandoras box) via a Vogatek Supergun to my Sony BVM monitor, the Vertical hold is way way off, if I plug this set-up into my 9" PVM I can adjust the vertical hold manually with a knob on the back of the set. Is there a way to adjust the V...
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    AES and CMVS both look terrible on Sony BVM-20F1E Monitor

    Hi all I just got myself a Sony BVM-20F1E, Picture quality is awesome with a Super Nes or Megadrive But Both my AES and CMVS look to be blurred / over exposed mess. The Neo's are connected to the BVM by means of a BNC to RGB Scart adapter, this has a sync cleaner built in. I have tried to add...
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    WTB Sony BVM-20F1E monitor in UK

    Hi all I'm looking to buy a Sony BVM 20F1E monitor, anyone got one for sale in the UK? With a controller if possible but these seem fairly abundant on eBay so not essential. Thanks Brett
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    AES 3-3 RGB bypass mod, scrolling noise on picture, is there a cure?

    I recently got myself an AES, turns out to be 3-3 board. I was horrified with the quality of the RGB out compared to my CMVS so I followed the Bypass mod as in this link This has had a significant...
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    Problem with CMVS Sync on Samsung Plasma but MVS works ok via Vogatek and other TV[SOLVED]

    This is a bit of a weird one, I made a CMVS which has been working fine on my old TV and other tv's too via RGB Scart. I now have a new Samsung Plasma and the picture rolls, like a sync issue. I've read alot about sync issues but the weird thing is that if I connect the board up via a Vogatek...
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    WTB MVS View Point and Magician Lord Carts

    Im looking for View Point and Magician Lord on MVS Cart with English Labels if possible, would be a bonus if these were in the UK already and I don't think I can afford kits so carts only. Thanks
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    My New CMVS NeoDrive II

    Based on 300 wins CMVS I thought I'd do a Mega Drive II MVS Console. I wanted to keep the design of the console as stock looking as possible to the original SEGA Console. So here are some pictures of my creation !!! Looking very console with Joypads Close up on the Custom Decals The back...
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    Tips on removing silk screen ink from ABS plastic

    Im working on a little project and im wanting to remove the silkscreen ink from some ABS plastic. I've tried white spirt, cleans nice but doesnt shift the ink. and ive tried nail polish remover, moves the ink but also melts the plastic, I guess due to the acetone in the product. does anyone...
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    Problem with Pro Joystick, Start and Select Swapped!!

    I recently got myself a brand new looking Neo Geo Pro Joystick from Ebay, it's a lighter colour than my other pro stick more grey than black. and it was in as new condition. but the start and select buttons are reversed, the printing on the stick is the same as normal, so not one of those hotel...
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    My First Consolized MVS System MV-1B

    First of all, Many thanks to the guys who gave me help to get my cmvs working from 5 volts :) This is my first time making a consolized MVS but I have the bug now and when I get the chance I'll try one with the more popular MV-1C board. I really want to enclose the bottom of the unit, perhaps...